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"I enjoy reading for pleasure" -MIT short answer

eriswens 1 / 3  
Oct 18, 2010   #1
We know you lead a busy life, full of activities, many of which are required of you. Tell us about something you do for the pleasure of it. (*)(100 words or fewer)

This is what I have so far;

For the pleasure of it, I enjoy reading books. Ever since I was a little kid, I remember staying up into the ridiculous hours of the night just to finish an entertaining book. Although the time limits how many books I can read these days, I still love an opportunity to read Stephen King's latest masterpiece. Reading has always been an activity that I have enjoyed, and the sensation that I can be transported to some other time and place and experience new things is something I enjoy and can always find in a new novel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
bepa 3 / 6  
Oct 19, 2010   #2
well, it is good, but to make it outstanding, i think you can try to tell us more about what reading is mean to you. u talked a lot about when you read, what you read, and how you read, but everyone can write about these. maybe you can talk a certain book more elaborately, or introduce us what part reading is playing in your life. actually the last sentence is good, but you just stopped at it. try to tell us your further comprehension of reading, not just the obvious things.

good luck!
Oct 21, 2010   #3
It's good,but would be better if you tell us about the purpose of reading for you
relly21 3 / 13  
Oct 21, 2010   #4
This is well written, but to make it more interesting I suggest making it more personal by giving a specific example of how a certain book has impacted you.
harshalp93 - / 2  
Oct 21, 2010   #5
It's good till now, but it doesn't suggest how reading has influenced you. Has it given you a better understanding of the world? Has it brought about a change in your own character? You need to elaborate a little on the impact reading has had on you, even though it is something you do for pleasure.
kockyo 3 / 9  
Oct 22, 2010   #6
I think its better to not start with the sentence that is same as the topic that the university required.

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