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Environmental Science - My Study Plan essay for the Canadian Embassy

Nuhash_2001 1 / -  
Mar 15, 2019   #1

application for York University in Canada

My name is Sayed Ishraque Hossain, and currently, I am a high school student from Sunnydale School in Dhaka. I am expected to graduate by August 2019. I have accepted my offer from the Department of Environmental Science at York University and I am very eager to pursue my undergraduate study there.

I was born in the city of Dhaka in 2001. I started my school life at Sunnydale School from 2004, and completed my Ordinary Level Examinations in 2017 and successively my Advanced Subsidiary Level Examinations in 2018. I will be sitting for my Advanced Level Examinations in May 2019.

Canada's quality of education system is renowned in the world. Canada is an ideal country for pursuing higher, not only for the quality education but also for its welcoming and non-discriminatory society. It is one of the leading countries in the world that is considered very safe and suitable for its own citizens and immigrants to live together in a peaceful and disciplined community.

York University is one of the top-ranked universities in Canada and its department of Environmental Science is considered one of the best amongst many other universities. Overall the interactive community and stimulating environment of York University is quite well known which is one of the prime reasons why I applied there.

Environmental Science program is an interdisciplinary program that integrates core courses in the disciplines of biology, chemistry and geography. It is a very interesting subject and many Canadian universities including York University offer this four-year long undergraduate program. I believe Canada is the best place to study environmental science as the country is very careful about maintaining and devising environmental pacts and policies. Canada is one of the members of the Group of 7 that is commonly known as G 7, where the country focuses on climate change as one of its key global and domestic priority. Environmental and ecological problems are one the most growing concerns in the world and in Canada the country is working relentlessly to resolve these issues from growing any further. Hence, the above reason solely makes it the best place to study the subject of my interest.

After I finish my study I will come back to Bangladesh and expect to conduct research and formulate new plans for conservation and improvement of environmental conditions, which will help the society, in general, to find and solve complex and profound concerns of the world, for example, different forms of pollution. I would like to specialize as an Environmental sustainability consultant.

Bangladesh does not have many universities that offer Environmental Science in undergraduate programs. This subject is comparatively new and has been introduced quite recently. The few universities which do offer this particular are not very much enhanced and up to date. This program has become one of the most demanded programs in our country although it is still in an evolving stage.

However, Bangladesh does hold many prospective career opportunities for an environmental science degree graduate. Many possible career outcomes are available which includes: sustainability management, environment and chemical responsibility (ECR), and it is even possible to become a lecturer in many of our domestic universities. There is also the Bangladesh Ministry for the environment, forest and climatic change which also holds possible career paths with the right credentials. If I pursue my education at York University in Canada I believe that it will enhance my employment opportunities and make me a more preferential candidate in my countries job market.

My family consists of my father, mother and a younger brother. My father, Sayed Iqbal Hossain is currently occupied as a Government official. My mother, Rafeza Akhter is a housewife. My younger brother is currently a student of fifth grade at Sunnydale School, Dhaka. They are all currently residing here in Bangladesh with citizenship of the current respective country. Furthermore, all my friends and family members live in Bangladesh and it is a very important reason; that after I finish my undergraduate studies in Canada I will come back to my country.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,107 3258  
Mar 17, 2019   #2
Sayed, your reason for wanting to study in Canada will be better served if you remove the paragraph about the G7. Instead, focus your response on explaining what your academic goals are and how these apply to your professional ambitions. Based on your explanation of these 2 goals, you should be able to offer a stronger justification of why you have chosen to accept the offer of the university and why you believe Canada is the best place for you to get your academic training in relation to your future ambitions. Since this is a study plan presentation, you should not mention your family in the essay. These are unimportant as the family does not offer proof of an effective and relevant study plan. Focus on presenting the required information in the essay, which is the study plan. So you can also skip paragraphs 2 and 3 in the presentation. Overall, you have a decent draft essay once you remove the irrelevant parts. Work on strengthening the presentation once you have removed the less than relevant information from the essay.

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