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Equality in sport, topic of importance essay.

Chichi9 4 / 3  
Oct 10, 2017   #1
Write on a topic that is of importance to you and reflects who you are. Max 500 words.

everyone should be treated equally

Getting into high school, I had plans to join the soccer team but this was not possible until second year.

My first year was characterized by disappointments: spending full games on the bench and getting rejected from the team countless times. I never had the chance to prove my worth. Those who saw me play during practice sessions told me to join the team because they felt that was the best place I could develop my skills. Despite the number of ties I tried, I was rejected. I wasn't because I was a bad player, I was considered unfit for the team because of my small stature.

The first time I was allowed to play was because my house team was short of a player and my coach thought my presence wouldn't make a difference. Surprisingly, I had scored the winning goal and had been invited to the school team afterwards.

Even after I had been accepted to the team, I still faced some challenges like being bullied by my team mates on the pitch. I recall one incident where a girl I tackled had warned me to stay away from her unless I wanted to get injured and her friends had cheered her for it. Even though I had dismissed her threats with a smile, I was hurt by the fact that some one would consider another inferior because of their status.

There is no doubt that the lessons I learnt from soccer thought me to be determined and persistent. However, the bigger lesson I learnt was to treat everyone equally. Everyone deserved the right to be given equal opportunities not based on status but capability. I realized from my experiences in soccer that when people rated based on appearance rather than ability, it has profound effects like forcing the individual to neglect his passion or give up on something he would have otherwise performed greatly.

With this in mind, when I entered senior class and held leadership positions, such as team captain, equality was at the heart of my leadership. I ensured every member on the team received equal treatment regardless of rank. However, I also ensured seniors were not disrespected by juniors and juniors were not treated badly by the seniors.

It is important to me that everyone is treated equally. It is this attitude I hope to carry along with me anywhere I go.

hadilakk 3 / 7 3  
Oct 10, 2017   #2
its good, but the way you wrote about your first year and second year, It can be improved, maybe you can tell the reasons why you were rejected, was it on other basis or on the basis of your performance? maybe you can explain the rejections were based on things other than your performance.....things you thought that you deserved an equal opportunity but were rejected... so explain the inequalities you faced in your starting years.
Holt [Contributor] - / 8,568 2485  
Oct 11, 2017   #3
Chinenye, here is the thing, your title indicates that you are compassionate about having equal rights for all people. Yet, in the discussion that you present, you focus only on the inequality that you experienced as a member of your varsity team. Therefore, the essay is less about inequality and more about bullying. If you want to discuss inequality in the manner that your title implies, then you must focus on a general discussion of inequality in your school. That way, then you start saying that you began to implement changes to inequality as a team captain, you touch on a general solution to the problem. This then reflects a person who strives to live a fair and just life. Which is a good character trait to have. If you revise the content to be general in reference to inequality, then you can use this essay with minor revisions to the content. However, if you want to use this essay as is, you have to change the slant from inequality to bullying because that is the main reference point regarding the treatment you received from the other people in your school.

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