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'equilibrium between education and pleasure' - Why Northwestern?

lifeisgoing1 3 / 7  
Dec 31, 2011   #1
What are the unique qualities of Northwestern - and of the specific undergraduate school to which you are applying - that make you want to attend the University? In what ways do you hope to take advantage of the qualities you have identified?

All my life, I have craved to find equilibrium between education and pleasure; I believe stress gained while educating oneself should be relieved, for less stress would result in better proficiency of gaining education. Northwestern is definitely the university which would help me attain this equilibrium; as one of the finest universities across the nation, Northwestern, specifically the McCormick School of Engineering, would help me achieve the essential education I need in order to major in biomedical engineering. I am aware that Northwestern has constantly achieved top ranks in biomedical engineering programs, and I would love to become part of the team.

Since I know gaining education would not be a problem in Northwestern, I then looked for some activities that would assist me to stay active while attending the university. Unlike my high school, where number of students, resources, and spaces were limited due to its location on an air force base, I found out that Northwestern offered more student services than I could ever imagine; I would greatly enjoy participating in and contributing myself to volunteer opportunities, Northwestern University Summer Employment Program, and organizations such as Asian Pacific American Coalition, Korean Scientists and Engineers Association, Cancer Outreach Prevention Education, and Cycling. While Asian Pacific American Coalition would strengthen my international bonds with friends I would meet at Northwestern, Korean Scientists and Engineers Association would help me gain and share knowledge with other students who have Korea heritage like me. I would love to participate in Cancer Outreach Prevention Education and alert people about the importance of periodic medical examination, since both my mother and aunt were diagnosed with cancer, and I have seen the impacts cancer brings to the patients and their intimate family. Finally, I enjoy riding my bicycle and would like to participate in the Cycling organization to reduce stress, communicate with other people, and keep my body physically fit.

Also, I believe the location of the campus is stunning; while Evanston provides a calm, quite environment for Northwestern students to engage in their studies, Chicago, which is within less than an hour away by public transportation, would provide a vibrant environment at where everyone would love to visit and spend time.

Northwestern is providing everything I can wish for to its students: peaceful environment to study with a vibrant, lively city Chicago nearby, excellent education with well known professors, organizations to provide students with an opportunity to collaborate and bond with other students, and its student population; while there are enough students to form a community, it is small enough to retain an intimate college experience. I could not desire more than to attend and dedicate myself to such a well-rounded university. Go cats!

I'm new here; so I haven't read other people's essays yet.
If you leave a reply and tell me you want me to read yours, I'll try to read most of them to the best of my abilities.

Good luck on your admissions! & Thank you for reading my essay :)
BTW, this is just my rough draft, so please be harsh!
ckpckp1994 8 / 17 2  
Dec 31, 2011   #2
Hello! I like your essay. You pointed out many reasons why you want to go to Northwestern and McCormick. (Sorry, I'm not checking for grammar, because I'm suck at that) However, I feel like you've made a laundry list of things in the 2nd paragraph, and that's the only "rough part" when I read it. Over all, I would say the essay is very solid, and conveys your message perfectly.

I'll have another essay to post, so if you wish, please criticize that one harshly. THank you.

I'm applying to McCormick too. Hopefully we both get in. Good Luck~!
OP lifeisgoing1 3 / 7  
Dec 31, 2011   #3
Thanks, I feel like I jammed in too much stuff in my essay too.
I'll have to rewrite it and summarize it a little (:
I really do hope we both get in!

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