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ETSU Honor essay (take 3 items with you to a deserted island)

mimiQ 5 / 11  
Jan 27, 2011   #1
This is due Jan 30. Any constructive criticism is welcome!!! I would appreciate your help!!!

Today, it has been almost impossible for many people to live without the high technology products such as cell phones and computers. The rapid development of the modern technology has brought a great amount of advantages into our life. Therefore, if I am going to be stranded on a desert island for four years, an indestructible solar power laptop with access to internet would be one of three most significant items for me. Whether I want to write a paper or play some computer games, an advance laptop can satisfy my needs very easily. With the internet, I would be able to receive the latest news in the world, to download videos and music, or even to continue the study of the subjects that I am interested. In addition, using the laptop would most likely help me to keep in touch with my families and friends. Instead of spending four miserable years alone on the island, I prefer to keep my life productive and meaningful as it always is. Offering abundant resources and ample entertainment, a solar power laptop with access to internet would be the best tool for me to realize my goal.

The second item I would take is my violin. I consider playing the violin as one of the most rewarding aspects of my life. The violin reigns as the supreme instrument in my mind. Having learned and practiced the violin for more than ten years, I often feel a delight beyond description when playing the instrument and listening to its wonderful sound. Sometimes, after spending a stressful and busy day, I would relax myself by playing one of Mozart's beautiful pieces with my violin. Eyes closed, I completely engross in the lovingly sweet melody created by my bow and my fingers; everything within the music seems to be in perfect harmony. On the strange and lonely deserted island, the violin would be a great companion of mine. Whether by listening to the music or playing it, I know I can always reflect upon and enjoy life more as one special being.

The thought of staying in a deserted island on my own for four years could be very frightening. Although I can always keep myself busy by using the laptop or practicing the violin, I imagine there would still be times when I simply feel lonely and depressed. The last one of the three items I would take is my small Bible with a pink and brown soft cover. Through reading various historical stories and the sacred scriptures in the Bible, I can feel the peaceful presence of God and the magnificent love and strength that he has given to me. The verses in the Bible constantly inspire me to the true meanings of life; in a spiritual way, God gives me confidence and helps me to go though all the difficulties I encounter. In fact, the four years on the island would offer me a life time opportunity to just spend time learning about Jesus while I can deepen my relationship with God. With the Bible and with the faith in God, I know I would not only survive but also grow as a person over these four years.
EF_Susan - / 2,364 12  
Jan 29, 2011   #2
Hey, I think it is funny and impressive that you thought to include the word indestructible. :-)

Capitalize Internet.

...with my family families and friends.
Oh, that paragraph about the violin is beautifully written.

The thought of staying in on a deserted island on my...

In fact, the four years on the island would offer me a lifetime opportunity to just spend ...

Your grammar is very good! You have some well-structured sentence.

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