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'Exam Worth Taking' common app about college entrance exam in China

xunlei 1 / 1  
Dec 30, 2010   #1
to submit today !!! so I hope to have my essay checked by you guys :)
Thank you!

The Exam Which Is Worth Taking.

The college entrance exam in China is a competitive exam. The exam selects students by scores for universities. Normally, we spend a year to prepare for the exam. It is a chance to change a student's life. So every one is serious about the exam.

From the very beginning, I have asked myself for a thousand times that whether it is worthwhile to spend the best time of my life on an exam in order to get enroll in a university. The preparation is a long-term battle. Every day in senior year was unchangeable, lacking sleep and tired. I was worried all the time about the regular tests, for the fear of the bad results, which might came out. I thought there was no point working on the test papers. My 18 years old was spent on test papers. In comparison Mark Zuckerberg has established his Facebook when he was 18. I think one should travel the world to see how colorful the world is in one's eighteen. And it was the time to do something that I might not dare to do when I get older.

In our society, the exam has been debated for a long time. Concerns are the influence of standardized answers theory on the students. The standardized answers theory means there is only one answer to every question, which is the principle of the college entrance exam. Though it is fair to every one, the standardized answers theory makes students lacking creativity and ossifies students' thinking, which is widely accepted.

In my mind the last thing I want to do is to become a person without creative instinct. How can I find the beauty of life without creativity? What's the point of a life without beauty? I thought it might cost too much to do the exam. I want to be creative and well-rounded. But the principle of the exam seems to against my wish.

So I think there are two main obstacles for every Chinese student to conquer if he or she wants to be a student with liberal thought. One is the heavy burden from academic courses, which is time consuming. The students don't have time to do what they want. The other is that they should try very hard to avoid the bad influence of the standardized answers theory.

I found it is too hard to fight against the bad influence. Because it is easier to follow the trend rather than to fight against it, and critical thinking takes more time and energy than just to find one answer. With the pressure from the academic, it is easy for me to abandon my original thoughts then ingratiate my answer to the standardized one in order to get a better score.

The college entrance exam seemed to instil an idea in my mind that under heavy pressure a person could abandon his or her principle of life in order to achieve his or her goal. It seems that I don't have to be self-deprecatory and there is no need to criticize. The only thing I need to do is to find the right answer. I think we are responsible to criticize the society, thus our country will be better one day. If the idea is formed in our minds, we will get used to accept everything without dubitation. So our country may not outstanding in technology and social development.

Even though I doubted about what the exam would bring to me. Just like most of the students in China, I have chosen to take the exam. Because I have a forceful reason that four years' study in college would be a great help for me to establish an independent personality and realize my dream. Although I have a lot of original opinions about some topics, I strongly feel that my opinions are biased and limited which are required to be brought into the system. Without proper training and a wide range of knowledge, my comments are just some complains which can be made by any lowbrow in the street. A nice university will give me a good chance to develop my ethical reasoning and knowledge background. I believe I will be well-rounded after graduating from a university. On the other hand, no one will listen to a high school student. Only by receiving a higher degree will I have the power to change the world. Upon the reasons above, it was wise for me to take the exam.

Now the exam has passed for six months. However, fortunately my thinking isn't ossified at all. Finally I can say the exam is worth taking after long deliberation. First, I have learned that sometimes I have to sacrifice my comfort and health to do something important. On the other hand, I was focusing on what happened to me during the senior year. As a result I have got a thorough understanding of myself.

With a mature mind, a spirit to challenge my comfort and clear goals in study, I believe I am ready for the university in American!

Thanks ! Have a nice day!
hm1567 1 / 3  
Dec 30, 2010   #2
The word "Exam" repeated 4 times in your first paragraph and 16 times in your essay. I think it's a lot, and make your essay weak.
OP xunlei 1 / 1  
Dec 30, 2010   #3
Is there any sentence or paragraph hard to follow? Please tell me directly. Any comment is welcome! Be critic!

Thanks to post 2.
I am fixing it.

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