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'excel in electrical and electronic engineering program' - Transfer essay

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Jan 4, 2012   #1
Please provide a statement (250 words minimum) that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve.
I started playing tennis at the age of 16, I do get good in sports quite quickly and after 2 years I was competing at national level and reaching pre quarters and quarter final quite continuously*. When I was doing my A levels, I wanted to keep playing and learning tennis with other extra-curricular activities and this was what I planned for my university life years.

3 months have passed and its Christmas holidays and I finally got a chance to think about my University life so far and now I regret not applying to right universities during my A Levels. I have learned enormously about electronic and electrical stuff by the teaching of world class professors of (university name). But when, I was heading to --- for my degree, I wanted to learn more stuff than just my degree program. I wanted to learn proper dance, play guitar or piano, ice skating and try other sports.

Now when I looked back at three months, I think I learned only electrical stuff only without exploring anything else. I am feeling like I am being forced to stop from exploring my passion and interest besides studies. I want to study in such a university where learning does not stop at the classroom but it continues beyond its walls to the sport grounds. Unfortunately the sports facilities are so bad in --- that there is hardly any sport facility in its campus! Not having a single tennis court was quite heart breaking for me.

---- staff and students are really helping and caring. There is absolutely no problem with --- teaching, environment, or students. My main reasons for transferring might not seemed quite important for some parents and people for whom university years means just learning academically. I believe --- should provide students with some sport facilities and allow students to select modules like the way USA universities allow their students to. If I was given a chance I would have taken classes of dance+ music with my engineering program just like way universities in USA allows.

I think if I stayed here, than I would just excel in electrical and electronic engineering program without learning something out of classroom. But I want to learn more than that, I want to learn more things than just academics, that not includes sports and music but also grow as personality wise by taking public speaking classes too. I want to strive for excellence in academics with all my effort and hard work but I want to grow as a person who can handle pressure, tension and problems of practical and social life which I believe can be learned only outside the classroom and these are the objectives I want to achieve.

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Jan 5, 2012   #2
Instead of saying "I don't get good at sports quickly say sports don not come easy to me yet after two years I was...quarter finals...don't say continuously

What electrical stuff? Have you learned?-don't say ,stuff, in your essay

HTonestly this essay is pretty good and has a good story but you must work on grammer!!!I know you aren't native to English but try and read other peoples essay and rephrase your sentences to fit their formatting
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Jan 6, 2012   #3
thx for helping.. yes english is not my native language but i will try to improve the structure of essay .. help appreciated..

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