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Exchange student Experience/ Location/ Student Voluntary activities: Why CC/ attend?

MisuleCZE 1 / 5  
Jan 13, 2013   #1
REQUIRED: How did you learn about Colorado College and why do you wish to attend?
I was an exchange student in Fort Collins, Colorado, therefore, it was always CSU here; CSU there, CSU is the best. Yet, it did not work on me - the Rams did not grab my attention at all. After I came back to home, I scheduled a meeting with The Czech Advisor for study in USA. We were going through many catalogues and brochures, up until we came across the page with CC! I just kept repeating: "no way, small liberal arts college in my home Colorado?" Yes, please! I could not believe I have not heard about it before!

Why CC? I love the original and unconventional approach to education. The block plan is just a great idea how to handle college curriculum. Focusing on one subject at the time makes the learning more efficient and gives the opportunity to get deeper in the subject matter. I have been stressing out about thirteen subjects at once throughout all of my high school years; now, I believe, is the time to change that.

A perfect way to get to know almost everyone by the end of freshman year = having a new group of classmates every three and a half weeks! I am looking for making life-long relationships while being in highly competitive surroundings. That is definitely something that CC is unique in.

Other thing is that the life at CC neither starts when the bell rings nor ends after the class is over. There are voluntary activities such as Students for Global Health and Amnesty International, where I can fully engage in my passions: helping, leading and standing up! I am also an enthusiastic softball player; however, nothing has grabbed my attention more than The Freeriders Union. I have snowboarded in Winter Park, Steamboat, Copper... I have been teased about my European approach to snowboarding many times until I assimilated and started to go headlong down the slopes. With a group of peers passionate about shredding I can be challenged, challenge them and have plenty of fun while clearing my mind and doing what I love.

The last but not least is the location! Colorado is a place of the softest powder in the world, friendly natives with no accent, and the most beautiful sunsets behind mountain giants. To me, it is the most outdoor state of all, whether it is snowboarding, whitewater rafting, hiking, climbing or biking; always outside, always active, always up to something. I simply love it!

I feel like CC is the school where, after the bell rings, I will want to stay at the desk and keep discussing and learning more. I fancy leaving the classroom with a restless mind full of questions and concerns. I want to know the people around me as well as my professors to know who I am. I want to help others, to explore and to experience something new. That is why I wish to become a Tiger!
dumi 1 / 6,927 1592  
Jan 13, 2013   #2
it was always CSU here; CSU there, CSU is the best.

.... What do you mean by CSU?

Why CC? I love the original and unconventional approach to education

... This is a very strong sentence. Very well presented : )

year = having

... I guess this is a typo

Awesome... this is really beautiful :)
This is well written and I feel you have tackled the prompt really well. I wish you good luck with your application!
OP MisuleCZE 1 / 5  
Jan 13, 2013   #3
Colorado State university is located in Fort Collins, so that's what I meant by the CSU, I hoped that admission officers from CC would understand. Thank you! I am really excited about CC :)
jkjeremy - / 380 72  
Jan 13, 2013   #4
Your tone is a little too informal for an essay like this. It need not be stilted or "nerdy," but you go too far with the exclamations points and some of your phrasings.

Also, almost everything you discuss here could be done at almost every college in Colorado.

If I were you I'd focus the ENTIRE essay on CC's "original and unconventional approach to education."
OP MisuleCZE 1 / 5  
Jan 13, 2013   #5
I am little worried about the fact that I would fall into the category of 80percent people talking only about the block plan... But yes, I guess I should really sound more nerdy and eliminate the exclamation points. THANK YOU!

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