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"Excited to Strive" An Application Essay to the Art Institute.

Sorriz 1 / -  
Jun 2, 2012   #1
"You've just to choose the aspect you want to utilize now, where you want to take you art and vice versa." That's what my elder brother told me just 5 months ago. With so many options there's no real reason to set limits. I want it all, from features in various magazines & articles,

internships, interviews, to giving out lectures of my own. I want to ship out toys, and all kinds of insane merchandise based of the things I animate. I want to give kids the same feeling I had about cartoons when I grew up, it would be incredible to help in their cultivation. These things

are a long time away but anything & everything is possible, but it all needs a small, focused start.

I want the Art Institute to be where I start. I've tried it own my own by utilizing the internet and connections through friends. I'm honestly too lost in it all to do what I want. I'm expecting reminders on keeping focused and pushing the art world can be rough, pushy and competitive,

the schooling to help me set myself apart from my competition and still prepare for any curve balls the world of design will put in my list of objectives. More than anything I expect difficulty and frustration. I want to work hard & smart for the goals I make.

I'm completely willing this my all; time, emotion, taking out the loans if need be. Education is so essential, there's so much learning to be done. I know it's no joke that times will get hard, that I'll barely get sleep because how much dedication it all takes, and that life may intervene

and disappoint. I should be a little afraid of it, but I'm just so egger to get started. The strive that comes with it all excites me.

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