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Experiences / difficult situation / way of fun / contributing - STEM Application

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Sep 27, 2014   #1
What three experiences or activities have helped you explore your desire to study and possibly pursue a career in STEM?

What mostly helped me to explore my desire to study in the computer science field were my experiences in our school's robotic projects. You can never understand how much you are interested in a subject, or a career, unless you work in that field first. Making a program working with Kinect was the first project that introduced me to the world of computer science. Because of the ability to work with LabView software and Kinect sensor, I was also invited to work with lots of people working in these areas.

Being introduced to this world, I followed my way to online courses related to the subject so I could increase my knowledge in this field. Online courses that I have been taking in the sites such as EDX helped me become more and more familiar with the computer science's world.

However, my most challenging experience was being a member of the Rescue Agent Simulation League team. This experience introduced me to the world of JAVA, and almost made me in love with this programming language. Moreover, it helped me to become known in the world of computer science by participating in the 2014RoboCup Competitions that was held in Brazil.

Share a difficult situation that has challenged you. What was your response, and how did you arrive at a solution? (200 word max)

It was a perfect offer for me to participate in the National Shooting Camp. I knew after the camp, I would be able to become a member of the team, which meant becoming an undoubtedly noted person. Who would not want the prominency?

However, was I willing to put all my time for shooting? Was this the world I wanted to be a part of? I undoubtedly felt the eagerness to become a well known shooter. Also, I did well on the camp, and the National Team Coaches liked me.

It was a daunting situation in which I knew I had to choose my way, and I knew after that I was not going to be able to change my mind. My choice would close a door in my future for me, since it would draw a line between two different worlds. My decision was clear for the real me, deep inside. So, it was a matter of temptation which I was not going to be defeated by. After being completely honest with myself, I knew my true world was the world of science, and I am surly not going to repent my decision since it was based on my values and ethics.

Please describe an unusual way in which you have fun. (200 word max)

I have never seen the life in the way most people do. At any rate, usually when I feel the need to have fun instead of doing something specially useful, I read books, watch movies, or even sleep.

However, admittedly, everyone has a unique way of having fun. What really helps me become fresh, is going out; not how others go out with their friends or family. I like to go out by myself, walk in the streets, and watch others doing the same. What really makes me happy, and most of the time seems funny for me, is how others are so different from each other. When you walk in the street, you see lots of people, with different thoughts in their minds, and their unique and special problems. It helps me understand how little we are in this world, and even if we are overwhelmed by everything, how world could be different, and how every hard minute passes and only is its memory that remains.

After a long day walk, I feel fresh, like I have recently washed every tiredness away, and I am ready to continue walking towards my goals.

How do you see yourself contributing to the diversity of this community? (200 word max)

After all my experiences, I believe what makes me different from others is how obliged I feel not to waste any minute of my life. Not that I only study, but even when I am having fun, or resting, I am always trying to be useful, and I am consistently in search for different activities, even if they do not relate to the field of my studies. There have been lots of workshops, classes, and projects in which I have participated in order to improve my knowledge and appease my insatiability.

Moreover, what I see so boldly in myself is my leadership ability. For instance, whenever there has been a serious assignment where I happened to be, I have mostly been in the list of the candidates people have chosen to take the charge. I never lose control of what I am doing, and try to never let anyone down on what they have trusted me to do. Around myself, at least, I only have seen few people with this ability being this much strong. I trust I can make the most of my capabilities in order to enhance my surroundings and help others improve as well.

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Sep 28, 2014   #2
The first one: i wouldn't begin with "what" i would begin by directly referencing what it is that helped you.
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Sep 28, 2014   #3
Honestly, from a view of non-native English speaker, I cannot really comment on grammar. But about contents,
For the first answer, I agree with Mmurray. I think you were trying to be more modest and not bragging but as long as you don't use some excessively hard jargon or big words, I feel that you would be a fine applicant who has an interesting and solid background in Computer Science.

For the second answer, when I read it for the first time, it was not clear what you were trying to say. Especially in third paragraph, you didn't explicitly announced your choice (Though I could guess it may have been "not joining in shooing team" ) but rather rounded your answer to be abstract and general. It would be better if you would clarify your choice in that situation and then end with general conclusion.

For the third one, I guess the contents look fine but in seventh sentence, why is the subject suddenly changed into "You"? Maybe you were trying to bring the reader closer and make them be more involved in your unique way of life but as a reader, it looks more like a grammar discrepancy and also gives a little surprising burden. Similar comment will be applied to the Second sentence of first answer.

I like your confidence and leadership described in your fourth answer. Just one thing you might want to consider is not only Leadership as a head but also Leadership as the one to embrace the whole team--like what really helps and makes you be a good leader that everyone wants. Whether you are a kind and understanding leader like a good brother, or generous but still exact in certain limit, or very responsible in your duty and respected by that, ,,, How do you lead your team? How do you make them follow you?

I'm currently editing my own essays(several of them) and will be posting them soon.
I would appreciate it greatly if you would be able to read and comment them later when they are posted! :D

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