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Explain unique aspects of your academic background or valued experiences you may have had

elizabethc 1 / -  
Feb 12, 2016   #1
In high school I was very involved in Student Council and Leadership. As President of Student Council, I was always standing at the front of the classroom talking to my peers or presenting a project for an upcoming event that Student Council was holding. Speaking in front of my peers daily, I learned that I love talking to people. Along with loving to talk, I find myself talking to anyone. I love meeting new people and learning more about the individual. With that, I believe Business is the right track for me. Given the opportunity to attend Texas A&M would help me flourish more as a person. For Texas A&M, I would become actively involved in volunteering and student leadership organizations. Being able to study business at Texas A&M would be such an honor, I would give everything I have to help benefit the students around me and Mays Business School. I am very interested in studying abroad and broadening my business experience. I hope to become apart of the corporate world with the other Aggies that are already there. Within business, I would major in marketing and hope to minor in Spanish. With three years of Spanish in high school, I already have the basics of Spanish and would like to improve my Spanish skills. I hope to become a fluent Spanish speaker and in the future hope to use my skills with my job. I hope to live in Europe after college and start my life there. I very much enjoy traveling and making myself more culturally diverse. I have a passion for different cultures and the way they live their everyday lives.

My father attended Texas A&M and has always bragged about A&M. My Dad is my role model and I respect and admire him more than anyone. He is now a well known and respected Doctor in Dallas, Texas and I wish to follow in his footsteps by attending Texas A&M. My Dad sings all the chants and yells and we have gone to many games. He always the one next to me when the yell leaders were signaling hullabaloo. Our arms around each other swaying back and forth is such a sweet memory and I wish to continue that by attending Texas A&M. Texas A&M is full of so much spirit and tradition, and everyone who attends takes pride in that aspect of the school. With that, I will carry myself with respect as an Aggie. I will devote myself to my academics and the community. I will volunteer and give back to Texas A&M and return the thanks for everything that the school could offer me in the future.
Crystal812 23 / 55 11  
Feb 13, 2016   #2
Hi, Elizabeth!

After reading your essay, I believe you must be an outstanding student in your school. According to your passage, you do well in the leadership, give your desired major and minor subject and show that you are greatly influenced by your father. However, do allow me to give you some suggestions.

Regarding the former part of your first paragragh, the Student Council and Leadership thing, you may want to show your strength of leadership, but as an audience, I would like to know something specific and unique. I watch CNN Student News every day, where there is a part called Hero. They show young people who are good at volunteer and leadership by using some details, like donating things or doing speeches in the public. They do not just tell people they are group leaders, however, they give some examples to make the audience themselves realize the point, which could be quite convincing.

The interviewers may receive a large amount of materials saying their leadership, then what is your distinctiveness? How about this? Describe the most difficult task happening in your Council and discourse how you overcome the difficulty with your ability of great communication or something else.Only when you show your uniqueness, you will leave the teachers a deep impression so that you would be admitted by them.

Wish your success!
luyurong 2 / 2 1  
Feb 15, 2016   #3
As the President of Student Council, my position promoted me communicate in the front of the classroom with my peers about school projects or an upcoming event Student Council was holding. I gradually learned that my interest and strengths was communicating with others.

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