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I will get to explore my talents and passion for culture and media; NYU

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Dec 16, 2012   #1
Any feedback. Im not sure what more I need to say for either and grammar mistakes please HELP correct

NYU's global network provides students with hundreds of academic areas of interest for students to cultivate their intellectual curiosity and to help achieve their career goals. Whether you are entirely undecided about your academic plans or you have a definitive program of study in mind, what are your own academic interests? Feel free to share any thoughts on any particular programs or how you might explore those interests at NYU on any of our campuses.

I vividly remember being so fascinated, sitting on the couch on my dad's lap and watching the news everyday with him. The issues and the way the new broadcasters were presenting just captivated me. Watching the news on my dad's lap became more than bonding time it became my own personal curiosity and interest. In search of my academic plans and looking for my career my mind kept on going back to the memories I have of watching the news with my dad. Choosing Media, Culture, and communication seems like the perfect decision. At NYU New York, the center of so many great Media and Communication realms is a place where I feel like I can pursue and cultivate my interests. I believe studying Media, Culture, and communication I will be able to expand my horizon and explore my career options in New York. I will get to explore my talents and passion for culture and media. As a result, I will find a place to practice my learned knowledge gained at NYU New York.

Tell us why you have chosen the above campus (using a maximum of 700 characters-spaces and punctuation included).
I have chosen the New York Campus because my preferred major, Media, Culture and communication, is only offered on the New York campus. New York campus has so many benefits being such a cultured city. I feel there is so much to discover in New York City the big lights, tall buildings, and people of all walks of life roaming the streets making it learning experience even outside the classroom. To me, there is no better place to study media then where so many creditable media stations are held and started. These are the reason I have chosen the New York Campus.

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Dec 16, 2012   #2
for the second one, I suggest you expand on your major. As afterall they know why NY is a good place, no need to educate them on something so general. Talk about what YOU want. :D
chithon 2 / 2  
Dec 17, 2012   #3
For both of them you should expand on your major, tell them why that is what you chose, and show the connection you have with it, and when doing this incorporate specific aspects of NYU (look on the webpage for your specific college as a start) that will help you in your major not just specific aspects about New York City. :)

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