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Exploring the hills of Himalayas in the North to vast beaches of the south - undergraduate course

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Feb 10, 2015   #1
In a 400-500 word essay, please describe how your personal experience and your cultural heritage have shaped the person you are today and how those experiences can impact Grand Valley.

Exploring the hills of Himalayas in the North to vast beaches of the south, I have relished many diverse cultures and experiences of India. I have shared the festivities and values of the Christianity, the Hindus, the Islam & the Sikh communities. This compelling fact has imbibed in me a personality with various diverse social, religious & cultural traits of sustainable approach to various circumstances. Living among people from diverse background and places has helped me learn a lot. An understanding of different perspectives and my cultural values of progressing hands in hand has helped me realize the importance of community & their supportive role in making the global community with harmony & cooperation. My involvement in diverse cultural milieu has instilled in me qualities that are bound to have a positive influence on the communities at Grand Valley.

My role & responsibilities as captain of my school soccer team was one of the numerous opportunities where my community values & traits helped me cope with the situations. I was able to guide my team-mates, belonging to different communities, to play as one. I was able to do so only because of working & socializing with people of diverse communities here, in India. Big targets have been found achieved through unification of small efforts under my leadership.

One such situation when my community values were put to test was when me and my team-mates were playing a friendly match which was a very important match for the tournament. We had already played around 65 minutes of the game. I suddenly looked towards my coach to tell me where to hit a free kick. When I looked towards him, he seemed very dull and was sweating heavily. He had his eyes closed. I signaled my team's substitutes to check on coach if everything was okay. Soon, I came to know that he was having a heart-attack. I ran towards him and my team-mates followed me eventually. We picked him up and took him immediately to the hospital. Ultimately we could be able to save his life due to our swift action & coordinated efforts of our team. Doing this in between the game could have made us lose the match but me along with my team mates fought against the officials and talked to the organizers who ultimately rescheduled the match. I realized that day that community values play an essential role in our life.

My involvement at Grand Valley State University, will enable me to share these values with the diverse community there & help them learn values beyond my country. I would try to fuse human values I carry from my cultural heritage with the community at the campus for the greater good. I would guide the members of the community to understand the values of our cultural heritage which would help us come together as the one. There will be a good impact on the community at Grand Valley for building up the universal community where fraternity & cooperation prevails & the same would be the core targeted concept with sustainable as well as ethical development of the community.

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