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between fact and fiction - This is supposed to be one paragraph, how to cut it?

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Nov 25, 2009   #1
My academic interests vary between fact and fiction. I constantly seek the truth and how to tie it into my life and the ones surrounding me. My choice of study is physical therapy; my interest in this started the summer of my freshman year of high school when I took a health class to get ahead. We learned about the bone structures and physical make up of the body and how it all functioned together. I had never in my whole high school career been more fascinated with taking on, and learning about a topic than I was with learning about the human body. I've always been aware of the principles of business, real estate, money management and financial matters. So, I decided to go to the School of Business and Management at Townview Magnet Center, my sophomore year. I chose to study accounting, in which I took an interest until the end of the second semester when the teaching was rushed and the lessons confusing. My second year in accounting was a blur. I hardly understood what was going on, but I managed to maintain an A average, however. That explains accounting as my minor. Thoughts always came back to me about how much I liked "health" that one summer and thought to myself, "Gosh, I should have applied to the School of Health Professions at Townview instead." it was too late, unfortunately. I'd already been through two years of Accounting and its Career Awareness Programs, and understood the basics. I liked it when it made sense. It was something that I would have to work very hard at to comprehend and enjoy. The truth was I did not truly enjoy learning about accounting. I enjoyed learning about body functions and what reacts to what and how...why? I'd like to know how I can help my mom's stress knots go down in the back of her neck, or what to do to help my aunts back feel better, or what else my grandpa could do for his arthritis besides have me rub and pull his fingers. I've always wanted to know what was wrong with people bodies and how I could help fix it.

USC is the place to be for this. The website told me its self that USC was, "A World of Possibilities Beyond my Front Door" Located in the thriving metropolis of Los Angeles, the Health Sciences Campus is just moments from unique cultural destinations and internationally renowned hospitals. So whatever I choose to experience, I should feel connected. USC has also been a leader in the transition to doctoral level education in physical therapy. The Doctor of Physical Therapy program and USC is one of the premier programs in the country.

Why wouldn't I want to attend the prestigious University of Southern California to obtain the best education? I do believe that USC has the best. It would be a great honor for an excellent student to attend an excellent school. Studying, practicing, and researching at USC has always been my dream

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