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Failure. Common App. Essay about the first time I received my license and crashed my car.

suzetteb123 1 / -  
Oct 17, 2013   #1
Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what lessons did you learn?

I cracked a smile as the woman in the passenger seat looked up and said, "You passed!" I had waited seventeen years to hear those two simple words. Although it was only a small piece of plastic, it would define the rest of my high school career. My dad handed me the keys and I ran to the car. I put my seatbelt on, turned on my favorite song and was eager to drive to school so I could brag to all my friends. I was smirking the whole way there, thinking to myself, "Is this actually happening?" I turned the corner to park in a neighborhood close to school. I found the closest spot I could and tried to fit my eight cylinder Nissan Armada into the space.

Unaware that my car was in reverse, I tapped the gas pedal and my car jolted backwards. I jerked my head forward and slammed on the breaks. I had destroyed the little gray car parked on the other side of the street. I cringed at the sound of the glass hitting the cold pavement. My mouth dropped and tears began to stream down my face. I couldn't believe in just one hour my day went from great to horrific. I frantically picked up my phone to call my parents, fingers trembling at the thought of their reaction. As I stood back and stared at the damage, I was ashamed of myself. I couldn't believe my dreams of driving had just been shattered into a million little pieces.

As a young, naive teenager, I never thought about the precautions and responsibility driving entails. All I knew was that I needed my license and couldn't wait another day. After the accident, it seemed as if everyone around me had known I wasn't ready. When my dad arrived at the scene of the accident, I could read the expression on his face. I was discouraged that everyone felt this way, but I learned that some things in life cannot be rushed. I simply was not ready for the responsibility of driving a car by myself. Mastering an act as difficult as driving is something that takes time and practice. Although I never drive to school anymore, I do drive some places, most of which are close, by myself in order to gain experience. I realized that everyone has his or her own unique set of skills. In comparison to my friends, I thought I had done an excessive amount of practice. Looking back, I realized the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary driver are those few extra days of practice. Sometimes in life, the amount of time you take to achieve a goal is insignificant as long you refuse to give up.

Regarding my teenage years, it seems as if I am always rushing to go nowhere. Most teens want everything instantly and if it takes time, they have an increased tendency to give up or lose interest. Through this experience, I have learned that living this way will not accomplish anything. I now understand how hard people need to work to fully obtain their goals. Sometimes, we are simply not ready for the responsibilities we face as we age. Patience is a virtue and something many people take for granted. After the accident, I learned that it is important to work towards a goal instead of settling for what you think you deserve. I also learned that in the long run, taking shortcuts will only hurt me. Although at the time I felt like my life was over, I learned a valuable lesson that I needed to experience for myself to see the importance and significance of growing up. Moving on, I can only learn from my mistakes and work harder to earn my goals.
Mkaji1 1 / 2  
Oct 20, 2013   #2
I think this essay is a great topic and it really does show a lot about you.

However, I am somewhat confused about what lesson you learned because there seems to be multiple. After the accident you talk about setting goals and not taking shortcuts and getting what you deserve, etc and for me, it got kind of confusing. Individually, I think all of those things are great points, but maybe make it more clear and structure your essay a little more.

Good luck!
BenStenson - / 1  
Oct 21, 2013   #3
What I got from your essay is that you had a lot of ideas of different directions to go and things you wanted to say, but you could only fit in parts of yor ideas. I think focusing on one or two of the things you learned, and giving MORE INSIGHT INTO HOW THOSE LESSONS CAME ABOUT could really improve your essay.

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