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Family of mech engineers/Teaching in UofT; UToronto- Physics Teacher

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What skills have you developed through your extra-curricular experiences that will support your future success as both a student and an engineer?
I am currently sitting at 2987 characters (max is 3000 characters). I think that it requires some grammatical corrections and sentence reordering. I am not sure if it answers the questions accurately. Here is my essay

Physics Teacher

Coming from a family of mechanical engineers, I never lacked for intellectual stimulus or exposure towards innovations in technology and science. Each discovery from electricity to the Higgs boson has amazed me due to its scope and what it meant to each epoch thereafter. This amazement evolved into a thirst to educate myself to ultimately get involved in this technological growth, whatever the effort needed.

In high school, my Physics teacher, an astrophysicist, instilled in me the patience to understand the working of a wide range of mechanisms. I was lucky enough to have him as a teacher for 4 years and he was the one who transformed my affinity for the theoretical aspects to the more practical applications of Physics. It is this alternation in thought that has led to me to pursue an engineering degree. Though this interest was newly discovered, i believe that i possess the necessary skillls to strive for perfection as a engineer. I believe that if i am accepted into UofT, I will not just bring another scholarly mind but also a creative and artistic temperament to the already innovative and fertile thinking ground in UofT. I am always in the forefront of my school in arts and music and take part in my school's annual talent's day every year. I play the guitar which has brought upon a full fledged fascination with music. I recently passed the 8th grade in the practical guitar exam conducted by Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), which is the final graded examination offered by the Board. I am currently training for the Associate Trinity College London (LTCL) diploma which i will examine for in 4 months. In addition to this, I have also taken part in numerous drawing and painting competitions, both locally and nationally, in which i have won several prizes. I also take part in quizzes which always leaves me stimulated and thirsty for more knowledge. I have also invested a lot of time in studying languages such as French, Hindi and Arabic.

I have always thought of pursuing my higher education in canada because of its exemplary colleges and diverse cultural and nurturing ambiance. This was only reinforced by a talk i had recently with a current student in your university. He told me about his stimulating experience there and how supportive and sheltering the faculty and his fellow students were towards him. I decided then that in order to pursue my passion for research oriented engineering, I had to apply to the best university in Canada. The multi faceted teaching experience in UofT that includes its Co-op program plus its impeccable reputation for influential research that resonates worldwide are what sealed the deal for me. It also helps that the university has a diversity of groups ranging from Music Club to Engsoc, one of the most prestigious groups and one i really wish to join and contribute to in any way i can. I look forward to begin my journey as an engineering student and hope that it will begin in UofT.

Again, any input on some new ideas or corrections would be appreciated. Thank you.

Home / Undergraduate / Family of mech engineers/Teaching in UofT; UToronto- Physics Teacher
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