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very short essay- family opbligations

Oct 29, 2008   #1
2. Do family obligations limit your participation in extracurricular activities? If so, please describe: max 950 characters

I have some family obligations that limited my ability to participate in some extra curricular activities. For example. my brother has some difficulties learning and I helped him overcome this setback. Almost everyday we study together and I help him with his homework. Ever since I started tutoring him, he's been getting better grades and making more friends at school. I also take care of the big family yard and the pool. This past summer, for example, a tropical storm blew one of our palm trees in the pool. I had to call a troop of landscapes who, with my help, managed to get the tree out of the pool and back in the soil. These are simple tasks in my everyday life that I have to take care of, and although I might have missed out on some extra curricular activities, I am glad I was able to help out my brother and my family.

I'm assuming you are seeking technical assistance:

First, make sure that if you use a period the first letter of the next sentence is capitalized.
Second, make sure you stay in the same tense, whether it be past or present. In your second sentence you use "has" and "helped," which do not agree. Choose one tense and then stay there.

"Landscapes" should be "landscapers."

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