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How far should I describe my experience for MFA Broadcast design?

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Jul 8, 2008   #1
Hi there,

I am applying for MFA in Broadcast design and Motion graphic, however I am not quite sure how far should I describe my experience in art and design. because my background was in design then I took Animation as BFA then I am currently working as broadcast designer.

Should I start with how I felt in love with art, or talk straight on why I choose broadcast design without starting from the very beginning.

Thank you!
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Jul 8, 2008   #2
Good morning :)

Many times these essays will have pretty strict guidelines; what they want you to write about, and how many words. Does your application have requirements such as this? These guidelines can help us decide where to start and what to include, so that we don't go on all day about all sorts of things :)

Knowing this information will help us get started.

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Jul 22, 2008   #3
The statement should be a 500- to 750-word overview of the applicant’s academic and professional experience, describing preparation for and commitment to further study in a specific discipline. The applicant should state personal and professional goals related to the pursuit of an advanced degree in the discipline, indicating the applicant’s intended focus. The statement of purpose should describe qualifications for graduate study, and should demonstrate a high level of interest in and a highly developed understanding of the discipline.

This is their requirement...
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Jul 22, 2008   #4
Statement of Purpose

Art and design have always been my core passion. Blessed with natural inclination for artistic value, my life merits with art and design activities since I was able to hold a crayon and make a beautiful mark on my parent's wall, which of course alerted them of my self-evident talent. I'd say blessed because I am loving every part of being in the industry of my choice.

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Jul 22, 2008   #5
My SoP is exceeding the word limits, should I cut down or just let it be since I already editted it.

Really appreciate what you guys are doing through this website!

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Jul 23, 2008   #6
Good morning.

OK, let's see what we've got here:

"Art and design have always been my core passions (Two items, more than one passion) . Blessed with the natural inclination to identify artistic value, my life has been filled with art and design activities since I was able to hold a crayon and make a beautiful mark on my parent's wall, which of course alerted them of my self-evident talent. I'd say blessed because I am loving every part of being in the industry of my choice.

I t was not until during my first year in art college that I became fascinated with moving images. I decided to expand my interest by marrying my initial passions of drawing and 2D graphics with motion. I enrolled myself in an a nimation course. My motion graphics and broadcast design experience barely(Unnecessary word) existed before I landed my first job as motion graphic designer. From then, I never looked back. Soon my works were seen in various local television channels as well as national television.

With regards to my formal educational background, I studied v isual c ommunication d esign my first year at the University of Pelita Harapan, Jakarta, Indonesia, where I focused on the foundations of graphic design such as typography, composition, layout, and art history. At the end of my first year, I was awarded a tuition grant by the government of Singapore in ties with Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts to pursue a degree of my chosen path. Since I had a graphic design background, initially I was going to apply for the course. However my attention was diverted when I took the animation class during my first year. I was so interested in it I(Remove comma) worked hard and earned myself a High Distinction. I enrolled myself in Animation (Media Arts). It is a 4-year course that resembled British tertiary education and was comprised of 3 years in Diploma, equivalent to the first 3 years of a degree and the final year is the Bachelor of Arts (Hons). I was taught the technical aspects of animation production, such as drawing lessons, character design, software knowledge in 2D and 3D and scriptwriting, as well as art theory and art history. In fact I took these theoretical lessons seriously. D uring my final year paper I investigated the underlying message behind the elements of animation through the study of psychoanalysis, and I scored a first class grade. I graduated with a BA (Hons) Upper Second Class from Lasalle-SIA, Singapore and wasw v alidated by the Open University in the UK.

I was employed as a designer at a local production house where(Remove unnecessary comma) I learned in-depth of a fter e ffects and produced my first show packaging for national channel including(Remove unnecessary comma) the logo animation, show opener, lower third, menu page, and end page. T he company was driving towards more trendy and youth-driven graphics and I created promos for their annual beach party, among other projects . I saw the need to be versatile so I accepted a position as a designer in an international branding broadcast company which focuses on re-branding and launching new channels . My responsibilities included developing the channel logo, creating boards for the idents, the opener, lower third, and other items in the package. It was the period during which I sharpened my 3D software knowedge.

I have been working as motion graphic/broadcast designer for 2 years. Currently I am working for a broadcast design company that serves national television and other well-known broadcast stations. W hile enjoying the benefit of hands-on experience in the local and regional media industry I am inspired by what is happening in the international creative scene, which mainly happens in other parts of the world. The i nternet is vastly significant in showcasing the talents and marvelous works throughout the world.

I believe in expanding myself, balancing both creative thinking and technical knowledge. Having read the curriculum for this course, I am confident that I would have a better understanding of the endless possibilities this industry has to offer. Since I acquired my expertise practically by working, having a proper academic backgroundwill give me a well-rounded, comprehensive work persona. It is part of my agenda to eventually take part of the regeneration of talents through education in my home of Singapore. The government has been very supportive in promoting media industry through various scholarships and other funds , hence I foresee a great future ahead locally and internationally. This new installment of advancing my study will pave the way to attain my dream of becoming a prolific player in the industry and supporter of new talent."

OK, I went ahead and trimmed it down, you're right at your 750 word limit. You can trim it further down if you'd like, but you've got so much experience it's hard to decide what is more important than another. Mainly I took out alot of your descriptions and emotions; they want the bare bones facts in this essay. Your personality will come through during the interview, which is what it is for. This is not the place for that, hence the limitiations. Good job!

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Jul 23, 2008   #7
Hi Gloria,

Thank you so much for helping me in my essay. Since english is not my primary language, it's rather challenging to put this essay together.

I am quite enlightened by your comments on what is needed in this essay, because I tend to be quite open with my feeling hence make this essay rather personal.

Probably is not the right place to do that.


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Jul 24, 2008   #8
Good morning!

Well, it's not like you write these everyday! :)

I'm the same way, and it's easy to overwhelm people with our enthusiasm, especially when it's something we really care about. You'll get your chance. :)

Keep up the good work!

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