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I was really fascinated in the law of supply and demand; Academic interests

justinwang 10 / 28  
Dec 26, 2008   #1
What led you to choose the area(s) of academic interest that you have listed in your application to the University of Michigan? If you are undecided, what areas are you most interested in, and why?

My first contact with the economics was the politics class in my middle school. Although I learned only basic theories at that time, I was really fascinated in the law of supply and demand, the opportunity cost, the marginal analysis and so on. Furthurmore, reading several economic books afterwards strengthened my interest in economics. But at that time, I was only interested in economics; the real decision to make it as my major arose from my experience of the internship in the factory.

In the summer 2006, I joined the internship to a factory in order to know more about the working conditions of the workers. I was really amazed after a research on the 135 workers there. Almost everyone felt unsatisfied with his working conditions. They work 10 to 12 hours a day, 365days a year while they are paid with only 700 Yuan (100 dollars) a month! And most workers lead a poor life and tried hard to make a living, but still felt stretched to pay for the tuition of their children and concerns for the whole family.

The one-month research really made my mind weighed done with anxiety, I am confused. Since the reform and opening-up, we had a big improvement in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, but workers are still living with great pain and mock.

What made all this happen? It's economic that counts. If we are as rich as the developed countries, we can make people at the lowest position stand up and say, I am happy, I am satisfied with all my life. And as a result, I decide to choose economics as my major and bring hope to the people who are suffering and struggling. I hope that one day, every one is set for life and no poverty exists.

All comments are welcomed :)

EF_Constance - / 143  
Dec 27, 2008   #2
What intership was this? What kind of factory was this? What was the purpose of your internship? In the last paragraph, you asked "What made this happen?" You did not answer that question. I would also add a paragraph about how this internship opportunity is tied to your interest in economics; I did not quite understand that part.

You want your words to reflect who you are. You want your words to captivate the reader. You want your reader to desire your next words. You have to sell yourself! List any special awards, achievements, etc that you have received and groups you have held leadership roles. Do you have recommendation letters to go with this essay? I would introduce yourself in the first paragraph, say why you want to attend University of Michigan, and say why they need you (YES!!! Why THEY NEED YOU!). My first college admission essay about about 1,000 words. I would double check the requirements for the essay.

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