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'Fate is a chance' - Johns Hopkins supplement

m45over 6 / 12  
Dec 20, 2011   #1
Tell us something about yourself or your interests that we wouldn't learn by looking at the rest of your application materials. (While you should still pay attention to sentence structure and grammar, your response is meant as a way for us to get to know you, rather than a formal essay.)

Fate is a chance; it's either good or bad. The beginning they say could justify the end. It is rather sympathetic when some children of my "group" are born to pry into the intricate web of life. This everyone will agree with me, would eventually end up with them being frustrated on the fringe of these challenges.

Then I asked myself "should I be guided by what Cassius told Brutus in Shakespeare Julius Caesar that men, at sometimes, are masters of their fates and that the fault is not in our stars but ourselves?" How could I survive when I lived in an environment where education was not most parents' priority?

Since my arrival as a child into this world, the piercing cumulative winds have been the air I inhale. I could not tell whether it was an anathema, a malediction or a denunciation that was tagged on me. I, like most other children in Africa, was born into a polygamous family of 8 where our living all depends on my father's meager salary. My uneducated mother had to take up this role when my father was involved in a tragic motor accident. Notwithstanding all these, I tried to confront all these predicaments in a sturdy scheme of mind. I gave off my best at school and won a district scholarship to study in the top secondary school in Congo and again won the uwc scholarship to study in Canada.

I look forward to an environment where there is intimate and friendly interaction between staff and teachers. A place where the academic curriculum will equip me with the requisite knowledge for further entry into a medical school. I aspire to be part of the Johns Hopkins University's community and I hope this aspiration comes true.
dhanu12 2 / 7  
Dec 20, 2011   #2
Hi fellow UWCer ( I am from LPCUWC)
I think this is more of an essay for your personal statement. I liked your choice of words. But I could not get the gist. What are you trying to convey? I think revising the flow of your essay would help.
OP m45over 6 / 12  
Dec 20, 2011   #3
As the topic suggests, they want to know any other stuff about you so I am trying to reveal the hardship i faced as a child.

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