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Favorite books/movies/poems list

eastring 3 / 3  
Dec 25, 2011   #1
Question 2 (Optional): Share with us a few of your favorite books, poems, authors, films, plays, pieces of music, musicians, performers, paintings, artists, blogs, magazines, or newspapers. Feel free to touch on one, some, or all of the categories listed, or add a category of your own. (I am not sure whether this means I'll have to elaborate on them as well. Anyone can help me?) -> Please comment on my list!

Personally, I like books and movies that question about the existence of a four dimensional or an extraordinary world that are often critical about human beings, because they allow me to reflect on my own moral behaviors. Also, I like emotional stories that, in some way, resemble my own life story (I always prepare myself to 'agonize' before starting a book or movie.)

My Favorite Books"Third World" - Farenheit 451, The Brave New World, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and Le Papillon des étoiles by Bernard Werber

Emotional Kind - Catcher In The Rye, Still Alice, The Great Gatsby, and Howl's Moving Castle (Not a manga.)

My Favorite Movies
"Third World" - A.I, The Matrix, Big Fish, Stranger Than Fiction, and Inception
Emotional Kind- P.S I Love You, and Up in the Air.

My Favorite Poems
I like all the poems written by my mother, __name___. Her poetry vividly brings back my memories from my childhood and allows me to see her from a different perspective, other than as a daughter.' Although her poetry is currently only available in _a foreign language__, I plan to translate it into English in the future, so it can be read world-widely.
Xavier19 4 / 7  
Dec 25, 2011   #2
My only critique is to use world wide instead world widely . I love your choices, although Howls moving castle non manga version isn't as good as the manga! :P
ricka123 5 / 13  
Dec 25, 2011   #3
I think that you might want to use poetry that is more widely known, but other than that I think this is good.
OP eastring 3 / 3  
Dec 25, 2011   #4
Could anyone find grammatical error in these paragraphs? THANK YOU!!

Comment - "Le Papillon des Etoiles" is exceptional, because it views the world scientifically yet interprets it very subjectively. It depicts people's fear of novel and unorthodox ideas, but also their curiosity and inability to resist them. This book not only shows how hard it is to be free from corruptness and self-centered greed, but also how meaningful it is to be able to finally overcome such temptation. The author is acrimonious, but truly appreciates the role of people's courage and humanity in society.

Comment - I cannot refrain myself from crying every time I watch 'A.I' and 'P.S I Love You.' Both movies make me think about what is valuable in our lives, away from materialistic desire, and remind me of common, but important things or issues that I often forget.

In 'A.I,' David, a highly intelligent robot, attempts to gain love from his human family, but ends up being brutally abandoned by his family for not being a real human. To me, David seems to have a connotation of poorly treated animals and children, and makes me feel conscious-stricken about those associated social issues as a citizen.

My Favorite Music
I love Jazz. Jazz is like a chameleon in that it changes its sound every day. When I am sad, or when the weather is dark and gloomy, it sounds calm and smooth. It consoles my feelings and magically resolves my complicated thoughts and troubles. On a good day, its semitones enhance my excitement and act as a catalyzer that promotes greater happiness. Jazz is sophisticated, yet casual and relaxed. Although some people criticize it for being "too free," I consider its patterns brilliant, on the contrary. It first starts with lightly structured notes, and then little by little, it merges with a player's original improvised music. When two different styles merge, they form united, yet attractive and innovative sounds- that you cannot hear from a written music.
easyfu 3 / 18  
Dec 25, 2011   #5
which University are U guys talking about?
cupnoodle123 15 / 52  
Dec 26, 2011   #6
youI cannot hear from a written music.

this is all really interesting :) I don't really know what school this is for, so ya...but it looks quite good :)

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