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"What is your favorite word and Why?" - UVA how to start this essay?

lrnsmith09 5 / 11  
Dec 6, 2008   #1
I have to write an essay on the topic of "What is your favorite word and Why?". I have NO idea as to how to approach this essay, should I choose a word that is honest and possibly a little edgy or should I pick a safer word?
Angela629 9 / 86  
Dec 6, 2008   #2

the first you should alway keep in mind is that an admission essay should always be something about you, either it reveals part of your interest or personality, or it should be you in general. so my advice is that you write something about you, for instance, the most often word your friend or family use to describe you, your favorite word, anything, as I said before, that is related to you and reveals you in some way.

Safe or not safe, it doesn't matter, as long as your essay don't make any enemies.

Hope this helps,
OP lrnsmith09 5 / 11  
Dec 6, 2008   #3
Thanks for your help!
lasershot91 8 / 7  
Dec 7, 2008   #4
I personally think that you should be honest in this essay because this essay is about 'you.' Although within limitation pick a safe word that is one of your favorite word. The admissions officer will read your essay and implicate about who 'you' are as a person based on that essay. This essay must be done with through analysis of why a particular word is your favorite. More of 'why' and the 'effects' of your favorite word.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Dec 7, 2008   #5
This is some great discussion! I would add that the favorite word is an opportunity to write something very meaningful, and that you should be sure to enjoy writing it!

Also, perhaps the word has something to do with your intended major or study program?

Rather than thinking of how you would like to start, try writing a few sentences that might appear in the middle of the essay, and then add an intro later.

Sit staring at the computer screen and meditating on the question, breathing deep, until you hear a brilliant sentence in your mind.

tiffanyh5849 4 / 11  
Dec 7, 2008   #6
Hi- I think you should pick a word that decribes you and your personality. Maybe pick a word that seems interesting and makes you unique from other applicants. If it helps, think about your interests and goals and how that one word can tie into those. Hope that helps :)
freebee420 1 / 3  
Dec 7, 2008   #7
yes definitely find a word that represents your character and how it is beneficial to the college, they will look for applicants who will better their campus and university, not why you like the word "cucumber" because it reminds you of a pickle =)
lostnnverfound 1 / 3  
Dec 7, 2008   #8
pick a word that describes your personaility...write down your character traits choose the best one..the safer one..be honest...ask your friend who knows you better than any other friend..look on your previous report cards..see how your teachers describes you.!! i hope this helps!
Sofia 4 / 12  
Dec 9, 2008   #9
choose a word that describes your personality, your character. Select a word that makes you interesting and unique... and pick a word that is safe.

Good luck!!!!!!
mdst53 /  
Dec 11, 2008   #10
i guess u just close ur eyes and the 1st word that comes in ur mind...u sud start writing about it...

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