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'You are a female, do not bother going to college' SOP essay for transfering to UT

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Feb 22, 2016   #1
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Every time I spot a person throwing me an intrigued look there is always that moment. There is that moment where I must approach the person and with confidence start a conversation. That unique moment where I must create a client-seller connection right away or if not it will fade just as fast as it sparked. And that moment where , with a brochure on my hand , I must be prepared to deflect any words of rejection by the potential client and focus on smiling and saying the right thing :"Hello, (smile) have you heard of the Dead Sea?". First impressions mean everything especially when related to selling. My first job was everything but easy; approaching people with little or no interested on my product was the hardest part , but it got easier once i grabbed their attention. Why would you believe a 17 year old girl claiming to know the answer to your skin problems? Thats a question I asked my self every time, yet 1 out of 6 people I approached , did. That one out of six kept my hope alive. This job helped ameliorate y skills as a seller since it taught me to be an aggressive seller. By ameliorate my selling skills and not entirely shown from scratch I mean I have been loving to sell since I was 12 years old. From selling hundreds boxes of chocolate to gathering money for church.

Right now, my position as a social media person on the economics club has fed my passion of the advertising industry. I am in charge of promoting the club and the community service it does, via Facebook, so that more people join it. This has sparked my idea of using adverting for raising awareness for a worthy cause: prostitution in Spain. When I heard that there are thousands of foreigners kidnapped by the Spain mafia I was shocked as many would be. A peer commented that her church sends the Spain church money to help the prostitutes escape which is a far from easy task. There is not much attention given to this problem. Reason why it is hard to rescue them is because prostitution is not illegal in Spain. My plan is to use advertising by making a video and collaborating with film students that shows testimonies from victims or the rescuers about the situation in Spain. Hopefully appealing to masses via Facebook and making it a priority to the Spain public to fight to make law against prostitution.

Also,I am really fond of , dogs and cats caring. As many know, there many neglected dogs and cats, this cause is really important to me because animals can't really defend themselves from abusive humans and animals have the biggest of hearts. My compassion blew out of proportion when I interacted with an abandoned german shepherd at Humane Society. My approach to this situation would be to advertise how important it is to take care of an animals that depends on us and the psychological advantages taking care of an animal has. Although my goals are rather unrealistic at this time a big goal has to have a start somewhere right? " People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that actually do" Steve Jobs.

I have always had an inclination to numbers and statistics as well that is why I am minoring in business and majoring in advertising to have a so called balance on my carer on the creative and the statistical side advertising.

"You are a female, do not bother going to college, we all know the farthest you will get is marriage." Growing up with an uneducated mother and a father with old fashioned Hispanic values, I always considered that the lack of goals and ambition were traits woman were preordained to have. However, during my high school career I came across many female peers with big dreams such as Medical school and Civil Engineering, two careers I had been taught only men were to pursue. In light of this, my curiosity with the idea of making something of myself other than a mother, was sparked. My father expressed his low expectations and far from supportive opinion when I announced that I wanted to study nothing else but advertising. After many positive pitches about the benefits of attending college have , I convinced my father to give me an opportunity to attend El Paso Community College. At this time I am currently working on graduating with honors having a full time job to save for college.

I know The University of Texas at Austin is a great match for me because the university itself has great heart to help the community and a great sense of leadership which add up to passion and I think these are the three main components of success. Besides Moody College of Communication being a top-tier, one of the characteristics that catches my eye of the University of Texas at Austin is the empowerment between peers, the sense of involvement in the community , and be surrounded by brilliant minds and great leaders that are focused in making the community a better and stronger place.

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Feb 22, 2016   #2
Coming from a background where you did not have many people to look up must have been a challenge. It is also worth noting that you are willing to use your enlightenment to help improve the quality of life for other people. Such ideals in life have shaped the modern world. It takes people with a vision to see beyond their challenges as individuals and come up with solutions that benefit the whole community. Your connections can help free the girls enslaved in Spain. Such efforts will also be good in your motherland where as you say women are confined to a situation where they lack the impetus to dream big. Your passion for an advertising course will put you in a position to appeal to large audience and help shape the thoughts of people around the world.
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Feb 22, 2016   #3
thank you for your feedback!
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Feb 24, 2016   #4
And that moment where, with a brochure onbrochure in my hand, I must ...
First impressions mean everything, especially when related to selling.
... approaching people with little or no interested oninterested in my product was were the hardest part ...
... yet 1 out of 6 people I approached approached, did.
This job helped ameliorate y skills as a seller since ...
By ameliorate my selling skills and not entirely ...
... chocolate to gathering money for the church.
OP caro5ca 2 / 8 1  
Feb 25, 2016   #5
thank you for your feedback it is very appreciated!
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Feb 26, 2016   #6
Hi there Carolina. I saw your message on another one of my threads. If you have another essay that needs to be reviewed or edited, please post it here and I'll take a look at it.
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Feb 27, 2016   #7
I meant post it here, as in on the forum. :) I'll take a look at your essay in its original thread.

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