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A Fine art Designer; Statement of Intent

Angeline 1 / 1  
Sep 10, 2013   #1

I'm a fine art student finishing my Bachelor in Puerto Rico. I want to apply for the Academy of Art in San Francisco for a Masters in Graphic Design. I really want to assure the administration that I am capable of being a graphic designer, without having a lot of experience in the field. Up until now, this is what I got. I appreciate all feedback!


STATEMENT OF INTENT:Outline your goals and intentions for graduate school (700 word limit)

A Fine art Designer

I've always had a hard time imagining myself working on something other than a fine artist. The idealized image of the secluded artist daydreaming all day long with sudden outbursts of automatic inspiration. This is why I find it so funny how once you have the opportunity to experience anything that you've dreamed so long of doing, your perspective sets in, you realize that some aspects you thought you wouldn't need, you most undoubtedly do.

My experience as a student in the fine arts has led me to realize how important interacting with clients is for me, as well as integrating myself and my work in a platform where I can reach a wider audience. I have grown fascinated by visual communication worldwide and by the development of a visual concept that will sintetize and accurately represent an idea. My aim now is to become a Graphic Designer that will stand out by the level of craft the end product reflects.

As I firmly believe that the traditional hand of the fine artist never dissappears, even in digital/print media, I know I am capable of developing myself into a proficient graphic designer with a Bachelor in the fine arts. My studies have given me essential knowledge for establishing a well thought out concept, using the fundaments of form, composition, linework and the importance of color to name a few. My experience in the production of paintings and drawings has led me to want to explore ways that I can combine both aspects of art, fine arts and graphic design, to produce visual images that will be innovative, unique and will show the level of craft a artist employs on his or her work, but in print form.

As an Art student my main focus of exploration has been the human figure and through my work I explore the contrast a individual has between his surroundings and the inner turmoil he harbors. I have gotten the opportunity to exhibit in various expositions, in and off campus with the help of the only Association of Art in my University Studio of Creative University Artists (TACU, by their initials in English), where I collaborate as secretary and promotions for our community studio sessions. These brief exposures have only left me with wanting to collaborate on a more profesional level with other artists as well as with the clients.

Regarding my studies in Digital media, the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus does not have courses specific in graphic design or courses directed towards managing the main softwares that are used in the field. That's why I took it upon myself to look for alternate institutions that would have these type of courses available. During the summer I completed Publications Design and Illustration Design, which gave me the basic knowledge of the programs Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I plan to continue taking these types of courses to better myself as a graphic designer.

The acquired experience in these software have made me realize all the posibilities available to create, explore and combine withing the canvas of the program. I learned the methods of developing a logo concept, the important of conciseness in a well executed logo as well as solving visual challenges that will effectively represent all of the aspects a Company or the client is known for.

Right now I'm working with students like me with various Organizations that need promotional material to reach the rest of the student population. By working with students my age I have also gotten the opportunity to have constant contact with the client and to establish a mutual dialog that will enable is as a team into the creative process as well as the patience to helping them start with a blanc slate.

We develop ideas from the ground, build around them and experience diverse trial and error ways of effectively publishing the finished product.
Studying at The Academy of Art in San Francisco would be my ideal place for furthering my studies in Graphic Design. Given the cultural diversity and all the artistic activity the city is known for, The Academy would be an incredible learning ground that I'm certain will provide me with all the knowledge and tools I need to become a unique Graphic Designer.

Thank you.
ljw0002 1 / 2  
Sep 19, 2013   #2
I've always had a hard time imagining myself working on something other than a fine artist.

I've always had a hard time imagining myself being something other than a fine artist.

The acquired experience in these software have

The acquired experience in these softwares have
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Sep 19, 2013   #3
Thank you! I'll make the changes

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