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FIRST time I flew looking for a job; RICHMOND UNIVERSITY SUPP - Leaving Comfort zone

cskillman 2 / 6  
Jan 21, 2013   #1
Hi all! I really need help writing my essay for the Richmond University supplement question. the question is.. "Tell us about an experience in which you left your comfort zone. How did this experience change you? Length should be approximately 1-2 pages, double-spaced."

I think I want to write about the first time I went out looking for a job or the first time I flew alone. im not really sure which one would be better and i need help getting started. please help me!
CherryPac18 10 / 29 1  
Jan 21, 2013   #2
Well first, how did these situations make you feel out of your comfort zone?
Didgeridoo - / 306 191  
Jan 21, 2013   #3
I'd say start by describing how you felt as you were searching for a job/flying by yourself. Then go into why doing that was leaving your comfort zone and why you decided to do it. Then write about what happened as a result, and what you learned from getting out of your comfort zone. It doesn't need to be in that order, but those are the main points you want to cover.
OP cskillman 2 / 6  
Jan 21, 2013   #4
well when i first flew alone i felt really scared because it was the first time that i didnt have my parents around to do everything for me. i had to figure which area of the airport to sit in so i wouldnt miss my flight, i had to make sure i had my ticket and passport handy at all times and when i landed i had to navigate through a whole different airport.
CherryPac18 10 / 29 1  
Jan 21, 2013   #5
What about looking for a job, how has that made you feel out of your comfort zone?
happy_bons - / 10 7  
Jan 21, 2013   #6
Without knowing anything about these experiences:

I think job searching would be so much more relevant for University compared to flying alone. Job searching requires so many skills: initiative, interpersonal, communication, organizational etc. Job searching is more concrete as well ( a cause and effect type situation) and would make more sense in terms of "changing you". For example, " After searching for a job for the first time, I learned how to seek new opportunities and express my strengths more clearly, resulting in a position at X". For the flying situation, you may be stretching it a bit, " After flying alone for the first time, I became less fearful of new experiences and learned how to travel without my parents..."

Basically, the job searching sounds less lame. Again, I don't really know anything about your experiences, so I could be way off.
OP cskillman 2 / 6  
Jan 21, 2013   #7
yeah i think writing about job searching would be better because i would have alot more to write about. It made me feel outside of my comfort zone because I had to grow up and talk to adults about myself and make them want to hire me. I did not have my mom there convincing them. It was a step out of my comfort zone because it would require me to change alot and mature alot as a person. if that makes sense?

also thank you all for all of the feeback so far!
CherryPac18 10 / 29 1  
Jan 21, 2013   #8
Yeah I see what your're saying. Just describe your exact discomfort you felt which should take up a good amount then write about how you grew from that.
fsolano94 16 / 30  
Jan 21, 2013   #9
I'm glad you decided to talk about job searching instead of flying alone on an airplane. As CherryPac18 said, you'll have much more pertinent information to talk about. Once you finish your essay post it so we can critique. Good luck with the rest of your college/scholarship search!
OP cskillman 2 / 6  
Jan 21, 2013   #10
thank you all so so much for your help! i will for sure post it when im finished! also let me know if you need any help/advice with your writing

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