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It is my first time writing a personal statement about myself can you guys review it ?

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Aug 28, 2018   #1

Newcastle University application

I first became interested in computing at the age of six,when my father bought me a computer, I was one of a few people in the area where i born who owned their own computer at that time. I learned a lot of important things about the computer system, early in my life, such as installing software and games, solving technical problems, installing drivers, repairing and updating the system. then later after iraqi war in 2003, many people were able to buy their personal computers because of the improved financial situation in Iraq and the fact that most people have their own computers gave me a special feeling, because they were asking me for a help when i was just a kid with eight years old to solve their problems and teach them how to use computers correctly. This was a unique feeling I have not forgotten throughout my life gave me the belief that I belong to this field of science and I am talented in it.

I was not interested enough with general lectures in school compared to lectures related to computer science because I was focusing with the computer stuff More than anything else. I was and still obsessed to computers . Where i learned at the age of fourteen how to build websites by using Vbulletin and programming helpful tools by visual basic 6 .This interest never left me, only growing more profound and passionate with every new discovery I made.

After i got graduating from high school, the choice of studying undergraduate computer science degree was the best decision I made that time. I was in the place where I belong. I have gained a great knowledge of data structure,algorithms,Principles of Programming,Networks and Web Technologies. Furthermore i understood how that Computer Scientists playing a big role in the world and how programming is a language of future leaders.

During the period of undergraduate study, i attended a lot of events and workshops about leadership and tech,the Most prominent events is 'startup weekend Baghdad' Powered by google,Facebook developer circle by Facebook in Baghdad and Innovation for Development Forum III by The United Nations Development Programme. also I am volunteered in many tech events such is ITlive 2018 in Iraq,it's one of the biggest tech events in Arab countries,happen every year in Baghdad, also i volunteered at Facebook developer circle : Baghdad and even with college events. i am self-motivated for the voluntary work in anywhere anytime.

I worked as a freelance web developer, i was able to design and development a completely dynamic websites i had enough knowledge about Html5,css and WordPress even before studying at college. also i had an internship as a computer teacher in a secondary school for a one month. than later after my graduation from college i worked as a instructor at Iraqi association technology information teaching a recent graduates about content management system and search optimization engine (Seo) techniques.

I believe that my work experience placement in Training at Iraqi association technology information,one of Scientific associations in Iraq, gave me a great insight into how academic's make their impact own society and students,how they can inspire Whole generation and teach them things that matter. that's what motivates me to looking for a opportunities to study postgraduate in UK,because I want to get the best education to reverse what I will learn later on for future generations.

i found that Newcastle University has an perfect computer science Msc course with good Modules could make me better in that field,improve my career and increase my chances to play a big role in my country and whole the world. I'm looking forward with feeling excited to the challenges that studying for a postgraduate degree in computer science will bring.

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Aug 29, 2018   #2
Diyar, since this is a personal statement for an advanced degree, you do not need to present your information in the personal statement in this manner. The focus of the masters degree post graduate course is totally different from what you have here. The discussion should start with your college studies. What subjects you excelled in, any awards you received, and how your career was directed by your degree. From there, discuss how your professional interests in computer science developed. Most importantly, discuss your current educational and professional goals and how the university can help you achieve it. Be specific about the programs and classes, or training that the university offers which you plan to take advantage of.

Now, you won't be able to use all of the information in this essay. However, you can use some of the information here. I suggest that you retain the use of paragraphs 4,5 and 6. BTW, please be more specific about what university you attended in college and what your course major was. These changes should help you create a better draft for your personal statement. Any changes to be made from there will depend upon the additional or new information you present in it.
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Aug 29, 2018   #3
Thanks for your helpful reply, i appreciate it. i understanding now what should be.
i will make it much better, also i will follow your advice, it's make a sense now how to start with postgraduate personal statement.


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