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First time I wrote an essay - Questbridge: An experience that caused you to change your perspective

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Mar 21, 2021   #1
200 max word count allowed.

my scores, my identity

My world collapsed the first time I wrote an essay for high school English. It was returned to me with a failing grade. Ever since elementary school my class work was used as an example, my standardized test scores were to be admired, and over the years this became my identity. I may never have been the most popular or wealthy, but at least I was good at school. Looking back, I understand I suffered from incredibly low self-esteem. An A became just another expectation met, a B a crushing blow. When I failed that essay, I was at a complete loss of who I was. It caused me to look for answers, and I soon realized that I am not always the smartest person in the room, but I also don't have to be. The grade on my paper made me realize that I graded myself; my success and value as a person, on a grading scale made by someone else. The next time I wrote an essay I got a B. And this time I was overjoyed. Not because I was perfect, but because I now know I don't have to be.

Please check grammar and structure, also is the topic too "poor me"? I still want to convey that I'm a high achiever.
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Mar 22, 2021   #2
It is not a "poor me" essay. Rather, it is a self-analysis that shows the reviewer how far you have come in terms of realizing your academic potential. Your ability to analyze that not everything has to be perfect and that it is alright to fail yourself once in a while, indicates an emotional maturity that should be developed in incoming college freshmen. It is a pretty good response statement. You effectively showed where you came from and where you are headed from there. Changing your perspective about your life accomplishments and how these are achieved on your part is an unusual response to this statement. It works because of the topic you chose to discuss.

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