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My first visit to New York City; University Of Illinois -Urbana champaign essay 1

lyhds18 2 / 2  
Oct 31, 2013   #1

Trip to New York City

My eyes widened in awe as I hungrily took in the sight around me. The majestic sky scrapers, the ever changing traffic lights and the way men and women walked with purpose immediately captured my heart. I was in love with Wall Street.

My first visit to New York City was six years ago, and ever since then, I knew I wanted to have a career in business. Nothing appealed more to me than to have a respectable and stable job that is always in demand. I knew that I had many options for my future career, but the problem was which one? It wasn't until my first year of high school that I became formally introduced to accounting. I took a business education course that gave its students a taste of the various job possibilities in the business world. Right away, I developed a keen interest in accounting. There was something about the demand of the job that was a thrill for me. I was neither the most meticulous student nor the most organized, but as I became more familiar with the procedures and concepts of accounting, everything felt natural.

After gaining further insights from my accountant aunt, I decided to set my objective on accounting. Even when she elaborated on the stressful and hectic aspects of this career I was unwavering in my decision. To further express my interest, I embraced anything that would prepare me for the stipulations of this major. I took as many courses as I could that displayed relevance to it. In my senior year, I took AP Statistics, Honors Calculus, as well as AP Economics.

My decision to choose accounting brought me a great sense of relief. I know without a doubt that I will be able to enjoy my future occupation. Needless to say, I will also be able to hold on to the hope of working on Wall Street one day.

lillilkim 2 / 4  
Nov 4, 2013   #2
"... great sense of relief because I know without a doubt..."

Overall, I really enjoyed reading your essay! I liked how you showed where your dream stemmed from, then you went back in time and told the reader about how your choice of choosing an accounting major developed.

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