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'Just fix the world' -Brown: What would I do if I could do something without failing?

kealasophia 1 / 1  
Nov 23, 2012   #1
Brown's supplement presents the following question: If I could do something with no risk of failing, I would...

My first initial thought was plainly "Just fix the world."
On a whim, I kept typing: "Just fix the world. Feed all who need it, give money to those who need it, ensure everyone had adequate clothing and shelter, calm the nations and call off the wars, and manifest the word "Coexist."

I only had 200 characters. I don't know, is this ridiculously cliche and cheesy? My other thought was complete a free solo, like Alex Hannould. I find it so brave to be able scale a sheer cliff without the aid of ropes and pulleys and such. Should I expand upon that, or stick with the whole "fix the world" spool?
ginnyqoa 1 / 2  
Nov 24, 2012   #2
I think it's pretty cliche, right now, but if you specified a certain area of the world you, personally, would like to fix (bringing clean water to a specific place, and why, or give someone a new life, and why), etc. Also, try not to repeat things, especially since you have such a short prompt. For example, you repeated 'who need it', twice, nearly directly after each other.
sahir13 2 / 2  
Dec 16, 2012   #3
I would agree with ginnyqoa about the cliche aspect. Write about something personal that would apply to you, something that can't be replicated by anyone.
pinkfloyd 1 / 6  
Dec 16, 2012   #4
I think you should expand on the Alex Hannould thing. It's more unique, hence, might be more "you'.
zdv 12 / 68 2  
Dec 16, 2012   #5
if you want to write something about helpling the world, think you should do it if you genuinely want to. if you're not genuine, it will show through your writing. and focus on one aspect. that is what the question is asking. one thing! find something and elaborate on why you want it to be done without failure and its importance to you.
college134nj - / 44 7  
Dec 16, 2012   #6
agree with above posters... write about something which you want to focus on... the general idea is good but give a little more specific answer.
rezwan3 7 / 19 4  
Dec 16, 2012   #7
And it doesn't have to be really sophisticated. A simple thing such as hunting could reveal a lot about your character

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