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'forgiveness and understanding' - Why essay to Trinity College

charliesun 9 / 28  
Dec 10, 2008   #1
prompt: An important part of our institutional mission is to ''free the mind from parochialism and prejudice.'' As a member of the Trinity community, how might you seek to contribute to the fulfillment of this endeavor? Thanks for any advice!

After specifically reading THE TRINITY COLLEGE STUDENT INTEGRITY CONTRACT, I learn that Trinity College puts a extreme emphasis on honesty, more than any other schools..First I admit that honesty is the most basic character a person must have; the world can't run without honesty. But everything has two sides, and I believe that the excessive stress on integrity may lead to prejudice and discrimination to those who have made mistakes in honesty.

Mighty professor Dumbledore in Harry Potter always likes to give others a second chance. Because human will never be passionless or heartless like other subjects; conscience bring them great remorse after they make sin, and many times they don't mean to make mistakes on purpose. So giving them tolerance means providing them a chance to atone and restart; which otherwise means pushing them to the way to depravity. Those whom Dumbledore had shown mercy to--- Hagrid, Luping, Snape...not just showed their solid loyalty to Dumbledore, but sacrificed their lives to defend love and beauty in the world. And Dumbledore's mistakes made by credulity were so negligible when compared to those consequences caused by love and forgiveness.

Another person I'd like to mention is a character that impressed me most in Prison Break--- Theodore Bagwell (T-bag). In the second season of the serial, influenced by T-bag's dirty past, his lover discredited his desire to start with a clean slate, destroying his chance to restart and making his minds full of resentment and reprisals. In the fourth season of the serial, T-bag used to hold his hand to the agent from company due to his moral guiltiness, and let hostages mother and daughter escape; but he was set up by the company, and his only goodwill was obliterated again. T-bag is despicable, but he's more pathetic. Not that he doesn't want a normal life--- full of love, care and mirth, he just hasn't got the chance. Can a person with nine figures account afford the most truly warm and cordial and affectionate love in the world? If we show tolerance and understanding to people who have made mistakes, even a little bit, than we might bring grace to not just one person, but thousands or millions of people; because love and tolerance can be widely spread. When you show mercy to one person, this person would treat others in the same way. In such a virtuous cycle, the more people get benefit, the powerful the love will be.

I treat people with honesty in my life. Although I used to be deceived by a boy for a toy, cheat by a stranger for a mobile phone, fooled by my opponent in debating competition... I still believe the existence of beauty and love. When other people, even strangers or someone used to betrayed me, ask me for help, make promises to me, or have deals with me, I always choose to trust them, to help them, and to love them: I've lent money to roommates who used to steal, I've paid for client who didn't have his wallet in the restaurant, I've helped player who used to have conflict with my team in basketball match... because I believe that they still have their love, their responsibility, and their integrity.

This is what I'm going to do in Trinity College, and this is what I'm going to persuade other Trinity members to do--- during the life of communication, treat people with not only honesty and integrity, but also forgiveness and understanding; paint the whole world with more pigment of love.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Dec 10, 2008   #2
By reading THE TRINITY COLLEGE STUDENT INTEGRITY CONTRACT, I learned that Trinity College puts a extreme emphasis on honesty, more than any other schools. First I agree that honesty is the most basic character a person must have; the world cannot run without honesty...

You need an intro sentence for this paragraph that starts with: Mighty professor Dumbledore... because it seems that you abruptly start writing about Harry Potter.

I also think you can leave out some of the details about Prison Break... stick to the CONCEPTS that are being demonstrated.

In the beginning of the essay, prepare the reader for what s/he is about to read by answering the prompt question directly.

Good luck!!!!


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