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"friendly relationship with China" - Questions about why college essay of Michigan.

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Oct 28, 2010   #1
Umich supplement
Assignment:Describe the unique qualities that attract you to the specific undergraduate College or School (including preferred admission and dual degree programs) to which you are applying at the University of Michigan. How would that curriculum support your interests?

Questions: I heard someone called AO of Michigan and asked whether research was included in "curriculum"; however the AO answered only courses were considered as curriculum. So in this case, I think the essay is largely eliminated... The LSA of UM has wonderful Theme Semester, but I doubt whether I can write this. Please look at my essay. Any criticism will be taken. Thanks. (Besides, I am an international student.)

My essay:
UM has had an friendly relationship with China since nineteen century. During that time, the headmaster of UM persuaded the US government to return Boxer indemnity funds, contributing to accessing historical steps for the two countries. Later in 1972, the table tennis team of UM re-invited Chinese team to the US, openning the door for formal diplomatic relation. Consequently, I have had an inevitably personal preference for UM for a long time. Alumnis of UM, such as Zhaozhong Ding, Tayou Wu and Guangya Zhu had been my idols when I was still struggling about how to calculate my stopping distance using energy equation in middle school. I has been fond of physics. From Newton's law to universe, everything seems fantastic.Maybe if I'm not talking, I'm thinking, most likely about science. The LSA of UM has the most legendary department-physics, as well as other famous related subjects, like astronomy and mathematics. UM becomes a place to nuture dreams; I wish I were an outstanding alumni of UM one day, solving problems and serving people, just like my idols. When I heard about Zhaozhong Ding,with only 100 dollars in his pocket, finished his mathematics and physics double majors in LSA in three years, I was looking forward to getting into LSA, UM someday, because I recognized that whoever you were, you would have unlimitted opportunities in there. I also believed that the LSA with over 70 departments and 3000 courses could offer me high-qualified, potential and comprehensive education, which would satisfy my broad interest and deep curiosity in every field.

Different from Chinese education, the flexibily of changing only belongs to American colleges. This is what I pursue as the real education, which is well emerged in LSA of UM. Compared to other school, LSA has wide academic fields. Every major has high reputation. Whatever which concentration I declare, I will become more competitive. I will be able to explore my real interest and then focus on that field. Therefore, the LSA is the right choice for me, because of its unlimited opportunities in academic approach as well as its countless resource.

It is hard for a seventeen-year-old girl to deide major; however, several subjects in LSA did attract me.
I have been appealed to ecology for a long time. It is fantastic to explore the nature. I have studied some online biology courses every weekend for three years and I also took the SAT biology test to examine my skill. Thinking global environment might be a big issue in the future, I founded the environmental club in my high school.I gave several presentations about our research in front of the whole school. I also organized club members to do a research discussing one-use chopsticks and the forest comsumption. The biological station which often hold classes in wetland, riverine habitats and forest makes me get closer to nature, the outdoor laboratory. I can observe and analyse the natural habitat; I can deal with environmental problems and do abundant research since all UMBS courses involve research. Ample natural resources and adventure in science help me explore the environment and fulfill my interest on ecology and environment.

Being a peer orientation leader in my high school, I learnt some psychological knowledge from our school pshchology teacher. I used what I learnt in the one-on-one talking with a 10th grade gril who quitted school for a year because of depression. I encouraged her to become more outgoing since there was nothing to be shamed of or scared. I also advised her to participate some school clubs that she was fond of. I feel pleasure to use something related to psychology that I learnt to help that girl. I also see my passion on helping other spritually. The psychology curriculum of LSA can offer me opportunities to try different aspects, such as cognitive science, social psychology and behavior science. I also want to join the discussion of independent study in psychology, using self-studying and discussing in the study group to explolre something unknow in the field. These courses can build up my passion on psychology and provide theory base for me to do further interesting research.

The large amount of courses and broad range of subjects that provided by LSA give me a lot of possible choices. I can change flexibly and study independently.Beyond LSA great academic reputation,prodigious extracurricular involvement and various wonderful department, I can seize the chance to explore the unknown world as well as my real essence and interest. Everything is possible in LSA.
jessiejiangsiqi 1 / 6  
Oct 28, 2010   #2
seem like you're a chinese! I am, too.
back to your essay~~
1. "I also took the SAT biology test to examine my skill" you don't need to say it. AO can know that from your SAT subject score.

2. the first paragrapg is a little bit long, especially when you're talking about the relationship between china and UM. This is not answering the question. the word LIMIT for this supplement is 500.

no doubt you've done a lot of research about UM.
Good Luck! ^^
OP potatozz 1 / 1  
Oct 29, 2010   #3
thanks for advices. Btw, are you an undergraduate student in UM?

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