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Future in four years - College Application Essay

Tquick3126 1 / -  
Nov 17, 2015   #1
Prompt: Considering your lifetime goals, discuss how your current and future academic and extra-curricular activities might help you achieve your goals.

"Your future relies on these four years". These words told to me by countless amount of people, speaking for these next four years I would spend in high school, and in all honesty I didn't really realize until now how much it really does. Obviously my college years will truly shape my future and career, nevertheless through these long four years spent in the same school I truly have learned more than ever. With every class I've taken i have found which of them truly intrigues me. Not only classes, yet my extra-curricular activities, educating me as much as my academics.

Across the four years I've personally gotten to know which classes keep me on my toes with new information and which classes I dreaded to go to. Owing to the fact that I came to realization with this i have established a feel of what i want to pursue in my future, aiding to one of my goals of holding a career that i truly am passionate about. Due to the classes that truly interest me i can discover my passion that i have yet to completely uncover.

Besides the academics, my extra-curricular activities have done nothing but truly open my eyes to my true goals. My start in high school was my involvement in my high school cheerleading squad for two years, though my passion for cheerleading faded the beginning of my junior year it still taught me some of the most important lessons, for instance having practice five sometimes six times a week after school until around seven P.M. plus late night Friday football games and early morning Saturday competitions, I had no choice but to figure out how In the world to balance this crazy lifestyle and still be a good student. And I'm not going to lie this was the hardest task of all, yet through it all it taught me one of my most important goals of being able to manage more than enough, being able to organize myself and keep myself in check. Finding my balance through these two years sincerely gave me one of the biggest advantages to be able to create an equilibrium in life.

After the start of my junior year I began to involve myself in christian youth leadership. I did this though my involvement in my church and our youth group and also through a group called YoungLife put together for my school. It gives me the strong relationship I have in my faith now and it also gives me the strong leadership integrity that I have developed. While being a leader I came to find how much exultation I find in serving others and being a mentor. My entire life I know that I have willingly gone out of my way to serve and assist others, still through my time being a leader i have developed my reassurance that it is a true passion of mine. Being a goal of mine is to continuously serve and lead others, this role truly develops my goal. Along with the leadership activities, my job working with kids has also contributed to this goal, first beginning this job I saw it as one of the easiest way to make money. Now I see my job completely different, I have learned so much for these children, my patience for others has become increasingly stronger, my ability to come to an understanding for others, and to be able to step up and become responsible for others besides myself. I know for a fact that this job will help me with so much in the future.

Considering my lifetime goals I would say that my four years of academics and non academic activities have most certainly put me in a step in the right direction. Everything I have partaken in have only shaped me to find what I truly want to become in the future, being that I find my true passion, serving others by being an effective leader, and using every aspect that I have absorbed to create the best future for myself.
fahmisadja 33 / 33 34  
Nov 18, 2015   #2
Hii there...
I did not find grammatical error in your essay, it is quite good and interesting to read your story. However, you need to change some words of "I" in capital. I counted seven "i" that you used. Also, you have to write "I have" not "I've" , then "I am" not "I'm" for academic and formal writing styles.

I have some tips for writing experience to attract your readers. In my opinion, when we write a story based on experience, it is better if we avoid to put our impression because it is very subjective while the readers may feel different. Therefore, you should explain only the evidence of your acts, results, and situation that happened. You can follow these tips :

1. cite your strong experience you want to tell.
2. explain the Situation /task, then what the Act that you did, and Results.

Goodluck then..
chaddonohoe 3 / 7 2  
Nov 19, 2015   #3
Good essay! Here's some pointers.

"Being a goal of mine is to" this sounds a bit awkward, might want to reword.

"Due to the classes that truly interest me i can discover my passion that i have yet to completely uncover. "-- I would take out this sentence.

talk about a specific experience that has shaped you. Give a few specific lifetime goals.
yan500 4 / 10  
Nov 19, 2015   #4
These words were told to me by countless amount of people,

Good essay but you need to correct some grammatical errors

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