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Mr. Galbadrakh - common app essay about influential person.

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Aug 27, 2011   #1
For many people there is a time when a hero comes along, inspires them and helps them learn what life is about. In my case, my view, perspective and academic plans were changed when I enrolled in Shine Mongol High School and met the headmaster Mr. Galbadrakh Janchiv. The policy and purpose of his school, his life experience and accomplishment, and the way he encouraged me makes him admirable.

In May 2007, I graduated from middle school and took an entrance examination for Shine Mongol High School. When I found my registration number among the list of admitted students I was in the seventh heaven, because the school is renowned in Mongolia as the best one. The atmosphere of the school was astonishing. Every teacher was warm and full of eagerness to teach their students: they even stayed until 8 p.m. just to be ready if any student came to ask a question. Everyone was able to feel that he or she is a member of a family called Shine Mongol. This family's father-founder is Mr. Galbadrakh Janchiv and all the accomplishments of school are connected to him. The purpose of the foundation of the school was his desire to develop Mongolia and now there are over 200 graduates of the school studying in foreign countries and receiving scholarships. What can be more precious to a country than educational investment? After enrollment I was totally changed as a person. I became more social and open-minded and the most importantly, headmasters' lectures and perspectives influenced me to gain desire to study abroad and become a future Mongolian leader to the development. The foundation of this school was Mr.Galbadrakh Janchiv's accomplishment and I feel fortunate to receive the fruit of labor by studying in his school.

Mr. Galbadrakh was born in a large family, and he graduated from an ordinary public high school and The National University of Mongolia. After that he went to Japan with his wife and four children to study and develop himself as a person and professional. He said that he went through hard times when he had to pay for his education, for his children's education, and for his family's living expenses. He studied in Japan to major in pedagogical field. His daughters were able to study there, which enabled him to investigate the Japanese educational system and find its powerful aspects. His dissertation work was aimed at founding a high school in Mongolia with a 12 years system and his work became a reality after only four years. Shine Mongol High School is the first high school in Mongolia which enables its students to graduate after a 12th grade; all other high schools only extend through the 11th year. It was his investment in the Mongolian educational system. Four years seems not long enough time to establish a school but due to his hard work and decisive character he did it. This example showed me how a person can achieve his goal despite difficulties and even make a change in a whole system of a country.

During his work as a headmaster he always encouraged his students by finding sponsors for them, giving lectures to inspire them, and giving opportunities to graduates to give a lectures about studying abroad among other things. When I was in high school I used to take part in English and Russian language Olympiads. After the graduation ceremony of 11th grade he called me into his office and told me that I was awarded a prize to go to an international children camp in Moscow for three weeks and on a scholarship. This event was crucial in my life because I was a different person after three weeks in Moscow. It was the first time I have ever went abroad; making friends with children from different countries, sharing out thoughts and knowledge. During this time I discovered my dream to renown my beloved home country Mongolia in the world and contribute my knowledge in its bright future. I always appreciate him for giving me a chance and helping me to find myself.

Mr. Galbadrakh's life, accomplishments, and perspectives make him my role model of life. Would not be who I am today without this person's significant role in my life. I will always be grateful to him for everything.

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