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How my gender nonconformity molded my aspirations - FIT ADMISSIONS ESSAY

j12fab1999 1 / 1 1  
Dec 10, 2017   #1
- Hello there, this is my admissions essay to the Fashion Institute of Technology.
- Is there anything in my essay I don't need to include and anything I should elaborate on more?
- I need to shorten it about 30 words so any cutting down is helpful.
- What should I really stress in my essay?
- Do I fully answer the prompt?

PROMPT: What makes you a perfect candidate for FIT? Why are you interested in the major you are applying to? The essay is also your chance to tell us more about your experiences, activities and accomplishments. (No more than 750 words, please.)

Fashion Institute of Technology admission essay

As I was walking to gym class, I could feel the sweat forming on my palms. Girls, gossiping and laughing, disappeared behind the heavy wooden door labeled "GIRLS LOCKER ROOM." Boys, discussing topics greatly foreign to me, sauntered through the opposing door labeled "BOYS LOCKER ROOM." With sky-high heels, bleach blonde hair, and lipstick, what locker room was I supposed to use? I had faced challenges similar to this one; my youth, filled with gender nonconformity and defiance of societal expectations, was a time of experimentation when I discovered my blossoming aspiration to work within the fashion industry.

Experimentation has always been a defining component of my character. As a child, I was the only boy amongst my female friends-however, that never stopped me from winning our dress-up competitions. I never questioned myself, even while wearing typically female-gendered clothing, but instead pursued the fire inside me to dress, act, and express how I felt. Therefore, style and fashion came naturally to me, inspiring me to wear whatever caught my eye. Because of this creative viewpoint, I had an easy time choosing classes; if it was related to fashion, art, or design, then I was interested. These classes taught me artistic and fashion skills like composition, trend forecasting, and fashion history. I immersed myself in extracurricular activities: Art Club, Photography Club, Fashion Club, and Yearbook club, where I designed the school fashion page. Through commitment to these clubs, I learned the value of listening to and learning from peers. Rooted in communication and creativity, my background also consists of business, a necessity at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

This intrigue in business was sparked by discussions with my father (a Faculty Associate at the (name of university removed)) about the global fashion market, specifically how companies are able to meet consumer demand while selling products to consumers with rapidly changing needs. This inspired me to intermix my creativity with business by taking courses like AP Statistics. I nurtured data skills such as organization, analysis, and inference making, and will use those in my upcoming Principles of Marketing class, where I will also learn consumer buying behavior and marketing principles. These business skills have ignited my fascination with what makes the fashion marketplace tick. This drove me to become interested in buying, because by forecasting trends, understanding the economy, and communicating, buying is a way to meld my business skills with my eye for fashion into a fulfilling career.

With this in mind, I looked for a comprehensive program to combine business and fashion. FIT's Fashion Business Management major spoke to me as a fruitful opportunity, where I could specialize in buying and planning. This, coupled with the Merchandising Society and the Style Shop, makes FIT a standout school for anyone attracted to buying. FIT emphasizes fashion and creativity, but also business. Unlike many other students who only have a fashion or business interest, I encompass both, and these interests along with my background have prepared me to excel in FIT's program.

In addition to my fashion and business skills, I have attained a solid academic foundation at (NRHS -name removed high school). This year, the governing body of Public Education in (state) ranked NRHS as the top school in its County. This emphasis on academic excellence and the rigorous curriculum has prepared me for the challenging coursework at FIT. NRHS also puts an emphasis on giving back, encouraging frequent volunteer work through Key Club. At FIT, I would continue to give back through the plethora of exceptional clubs, organizations, and volunteer opportunities, particularly SVCS and LGBTQ+ Students United Club. As a gender nonconforming student, I could contribute an informed point of view to the LGBTQ+ Students United Club. I would advocate for an inclusive environment where all students can feel comfortable giving input into the discourse FIT offers.

FIT would bring out the best in my abilities, as I thrive in fast-paced environments like New York City. New York holds opportunities like interning, networking, and learning from industry professionals that cannot be found elsewhere. To study at the Jay and Patty Bakker School of Business and Technology at FIT would give me unparalleled resources and the knowledge to make an impression on the fashion industry while giving back to both my school and community.

The challenges I've faced as a gender nonconforming student have intensified my appreciation for academic interaction between students of diverse life experiences. Inclusive communication ultimately leads to fully developed ideas with input from all types of voices and viewpoints. Given the opportunity, I would be thrilled to contribute to FIT's enriched body of diverse scholars and further FIT's outstanding reputation in the fashion industry.

Thank you again to anyone who reads this!

Holt - / 7,529 2001  
Dec 10, 2017   #2
Jackson , I would not change the content of your essay because your presentation of your non-conformist gender aligns perfectly with your interest in fashion and is obviously going to be the very reason that you will succeed should you be admitted to FIT as a regular student this upcoming semester. However, your essay runs a bit too long because of the unnecessary personal story presentation at the start of the essay. The first paragraph is really not required since it doesn't help to move the story forward. There is no need to introduce your previous gender confusion because you presented that more effectively and acquitted yourself perfectly in the second paragraph onward. So meeting the word requirement only requires the removal of a paragraph from the essay, without changing anything else in the presentation. This is an excellent and strong essay that should help your application immensely. If you would like to add some information, to meet the maximum word count, even though you don't have to, you may want to mention some of the classes that you took which related to fashion, art, and design since you are being asked to present evidence of your preparation for your FIT classes. Other than that, I don't see the need for you to add more information to an already perfect essay.
OP j12fab1999 1 / 1 1  
Jun 2, 2018   #3
Hi Holt, just wanted to update you and the forum that I had made some changes that you recommended and submitted, and I got accepted with this essay. Thanks you so much for your feedback! Great :)

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