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I am Generation Y - essay for college admission (personal statement)

I am Generation Y, the unknown, the puzzle, and the hope. But why generation Y, why not generation change or something more positive, why does it have to be Y, and give the connotation of uncertainty. I see Y as the open variable. It has an infinite number of possibilities.


"I am " Generation Y," the unknown, the puzzle, and the hope. But why "Generation Y," why not "Generation Change" or something more positive, why does it have to be "Y," and give the connotation of uncertainty?You could also break this series up into a run of short questions and still be effective. Try it and see how it works. I see"Y" as the open variable. It has an infinite number of possibilities. Basic algebra teaches us that in order to find out what Y is we would have to take the time to solve for Y. The generation, which I have been born into, has been labeled generation Y, as if to say that we as a generation are considered impossible to classify, and like the letter Y, we are an entire generation of variables. This is only partially true, only because my peers and I do not have a specific issue, which conveysHow about "motivates?" us to assemble. We have no war to contest, there is no music calling for us to unite for peace, nothing that glues us together as a generation. We are instead like the molecules of some unknown gas; stretched out in its own space and each dictating its own path, occasionally colliding, but as a whole not really traveling in any particular direction.

It is my perception that the label of generation Y has come to mean something that is almost condescending. I regard myself an avid reader of news magazines like (Remove comma) Reader's Digest, Time, andNewsweek, which often highlight and emphasize on the growing generation gap today. Coincidentally it is often told from the point of view of older generations. It is my opinion that any time the term generation Y is mentioned in these magazines, it is done in a way that makes us all seem like advocates of daredevil stunts and adrenaline pumping feats; individuals who play too many video games and spend too much time at the mall. We are not understood because we are not given the chance to " be;" we are pushed aside and stated that we are not ready for the "real" world. I think about all of my hard work at being a good person to all whom I encounter, and if it is even worth it, if my identity is already prejudged by older generations. The fact remains that both sides of this struggle must have the desire to come together first, before any strides to curtail the ever-widening generation gap are made.

The question may arise for you to ask if I am just a variable, a free floating object that has yet to take that step. The answer is no; I have taken that stride to solution. I have found my identity in science. Science is the path that I will take to get my solution. As we grow more and more daring in the field of science it has, in turn, rewarded us with new answers and possibilities, and as a part of generation Y I hope to climb on to the next rung in the ladder.

In the mathematics of life, we are each our own algebraic problem for which the identity of Y must be solved. Some problems demand more work than others and many answers may come out to be very radical. But when it is solved Y equals the solution. We are called generation Y because we are the solution. But until the older generations and the youth of today sit down and put the time into their math work, we will all just remain independent variables with no association. No identity of our own, no cause to fight for; just the false pretense that solving for Y is too difficult, and that algebra arouses bad feelings."

This is a very strong statement. Your tone is confident and you use great active voice. Your opening and closing are also very powerful. Nice work.

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