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'Georgia faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences' - Letter of Motivation

herooftheday 1 / -  
Nov 27, 2011   #1
Hey everyone! I'm applying for an exchange program in Prague, Charles University. And I need to write a motivation letter. I've never written it before, so please help me. The deadline is in 5 days and I've written a demo version, it's not finished yet, but I could use your help. Please, read and tell me your opinion and give me some advises. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you, thx guys.

I am a third year student at TSU (Tbilisi State University, Georgia), faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences. I am applying for a bachelor exchange program at Prague Charles University.

As I come from the family where mathematics and physics are the most frequent professions, it was no wonder that I was interested in these subjects since my early years. This was the reason for the decision my family and I made when I was in the 6th grade; I was enrolled in Tbilisi boarding school of Physics and Mathematics "Komarovi" which is one of the leading schools in Georgia. During my studies in "Komarovi", I have acquired the great knowledge and even more interest in math. I have been successfully participating in different Mathematical Olympiads and competitions. Meanwhile, I attended the advanced math circle that got me more excited about Math. This was when I chose to dedicate my life to mathematics. During my higher education, I was assured I made the right choice. However, I still don't know exactly which branch of mathematics I will follow. As a result, I try to take the variety of courses and determine the concrete field I am the most interested in. Later, this will help me choose the concentration of my studies. For now, I find Mathematical analysis most fascinating. Moreover, I know for sure that I am going to do masters in Math.

Apart from deepening my theoretical knowledge, I constantly improve my skills in practical issues. For instance, I work as a private tutor in mathematics. Additionally, I have organized a small working group for an assignment in Numerical Analysis that was later evaluated with the highest grade. Being the leader and a team player in the group equipped me with additional experience and self-confidence.

An exchange semester abroad will exactly suit my career plans and interests. I will be honored to do a semester at Charles University, the oldest university in the Czech Republic, where Mathematics has been taught since its foundation. This will be a great opportunity to gain knowledge in all the mathematical disciplines. Furthermore, it will give me a chance to socialize and get familiar with different cultures. It is always exciting meeting new people.

kerlik 1 / 4  
Nov 28, 2011   #2
However, I still don't know exactly which branch of mathematics I will follow .

Not follow but study.

I think you should reconsider first 5-6 sentence. I mean you should make for example 2 sentence in one. Because some of them are repeat same ideas. Just combine them.

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