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"A Gift That Keeps Giving" - Common App Personal Essay

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Oct 2, 2011   #1
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A Gift That Keeps Giving

"Come on man it'll be fun". These words spoken by my good friend, though I did not know it at the time, had a massive impact on my life. Confidence, passion, personal drive and friendship were all results of this seemingly unimportant suggestion.

It was my freshman summer and my friend was convincing me to join the school choir. In the form of violin, guitar, and the video game "rock band", music had always been a minor part of my life, but I never thought of myself as the choir type. Nevertheless my open sophomore schedule, and my undirected sophomore mind lead me to the open doors of the choir room on the first day of school. "Ok guys lets start the year of with some warm-ups!" exclaimed the director, "Don't worry Kevin you'll catch up." She assured me. I had skipped to the second level of choir after my audition so everyone else knew the routine. Next to me were two senior tenors, the best and most intimidating singers in the choir. They seemed like celebrities, but instead of bodyguards blocking them, their senior manner repelled my awkward diffidence. Yet as the year flew by I found myself joking, and laughing with them as if they were my closest friends. Even rooming with them on our trip to New York. Their kindness, and support of me that year endowed me with the confidence to be myself.

By the time junior year started I had really hit my stride. I was an upper classman now and had grown into a dignified singer. Taking two choirs, music was a prominent part of my schedule, and my primary source of happiness and expression. I felt the songs in a way I never had before, and in every song performed or listened to, I found meaning. I even began composing various genres of music from classical choir pieces to infectious dance grooves. It was at this time, when I met another junior who had just entered the choir class I was in. He too had been touched by music recently and with only music in common our friendship took flight. It brought us together weekdays, and weekends. When we were apart, texting idea's back and forth, and emailing hundreds of song projects kept us together. With someone to share the excitement with, my zeal for the music world matured into a burning passion.

It is now my senior year and I am the co-president of the a cappella club along with my best friend that I met only a year ago. I have earned numerous solos since my junior year and expect many more this year along with a lead in the musical. Every day I come home and immediately finish my homework so I have plenty of time for guitar, piano, ukulele, voice, and composition. Music is now a fully-fledged and healthy obsession of mine, a gift that keeps on giving. "Come on man, it'll be fun".

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