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GKS scholarship Personal statement 2023 for Medicine

nea12345 1 / 4  
Apr 14, 2022   #1
This is my first essay. I want your opinions so I that I can improve.


I always thought that everyone's future is already decided. Whatever we do and whichever we path we chose life takes us to the 'already decided future'. During my school days I was so fascinated by my friend's words and their goals and plans that I forgot what I want. I believed that going to the top college is all that we had to do. To be honest that was the first time I heard the name of IIT.

But being brought in a family which is largely inclined towards teaching and biology related fields I had a great hold on conceptual things. But I don't say I wasn't in others. I actually found these subjects easy to grasp and understand and yet I didn't realize what I truly want. After entering the college, that is when I learnt what actually choosing a course and a major is. Then all of a sudden my mind shifted from engineering field to medical field.

I got more and more interested in medical field. I always found human body as the greatest mystery. Also I had seen accidents, operations and surgeries in my family. My aunt is a doctor and a huge impact was from her since my childhood. Ever since I joined my college she always had a desire that I would join medical. Maybe she saw inside me and my true desire that I have.

It's been 2 years since I have realized my true aim an started working towards it. I tired getting some basic information about how actually this field works. The more I started to know about medicine, the more fascinated I was and more determined was my heart and brain to achieve something in medicine. Out of all the parts of our body, brain attracted me the most. I don't know why but I really wanted to study more about brain. I found it more mysterious than anything. And that is when becoming a Neurologist became my ultimate goal. According to me being a doctor means studying all your life. Every surgery, every patient is different and we get to learn from each and everything. Even though becoming neurologist wont stop my urge to move forward, from where I'm seeing right now it is my biggest aim.

About studying outside my country, I was always on my toes to go out to different countries and study. I used to do a lot of research about studying not only just in Korea. Maybe the thing that made me choose Korea over the other countries is the advanced technology and ideology that it has in all fields whether it is medicine or arts and communication.

And I can say that I will put all my efforts to improve the link between my county and Korea. In the future since everything is getting upgrading and development is at it's top speed I want to play a role in the betterment of relations between the countries and succeed in my field I have chosen and help people with the knowledge I will acquire in the nest few years.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,686 4117  
Apr 14, 2022   #2
The only way to improve the essay is by writing a new essay after deleting this one. The GKS-U program considers the applicant's candidacy based upon a series of pre-set questions that are provided as a part of the downloadable application packet. These are the questions that the applicant should respond to in essay form for the written interview. These specifics help determine the qualifications of the applicant. The applicant cannot write a personal statement that provides unqualified information like in this essay. These are the reasons why I am suggesting that anew essay be drafted.

The response should be based on the question list. Use an outline response system first. Write the response under every question to ensure all applicable response points are covered. Then, erase the questions and expand on the paragraphical information. Ensure that all the responses meet the interview requirements. Then you will have a GKS-U responsive personal statement.
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Apr 14, 2022   #3
Thank you for your time and opinion. I'll come up with a new one considering your points. Thank you
OP nea12345 1 / 4  
Apr 28, 2022   #4

The person inside us. GKS scholarship Personal statement 2023 for Medicine Undergrad 2

personal statement

The person inside us knows us too well. That person can never lie about we want to do and what we want to achieve in our life. In my life every time I saw these photos related to these different living organisms I always got fascinated. I grew up in a family where my close ones are from the field of science especially biology or you can say life sciences. I was always between these big books talking abut various lifes on earth. But the thing the took my interest was human body. I was though human body as a mysterious thing. The more you get to know about it the more complex it gets. And the person who made a huge impact about medicine about this course was my aunt. She's a pathologist. Her knowledge and her character is something that motivates me every single time.

Whenever I heard or saw these information, images about medicine or a doctor I get this weird feeling inside me. The urge to know more about it. Every time I took these stethoscope I had this desire of persuading my higher studies in medicine and just to dive into this more deeper. During my holidays I took the med books and I just flip pages even though I couldn't understand what exactly is. But the feeling that I every single time a person talks about doctor or about medicine there would be a sudden urge of running behind chasing it and finally getting that white coat on.

Being a doctor means someone who learns every day till the day we die. A doctor surely has their own qualities that makes the person stand out. And I do believe that one of the main element is hard working and sense of not giving up. I try my best to incorporate these qualities and behaviors that are important to study this course. The journey of a medical student won't be that easy. But its about making my passion into my life.

I don't have much experience related to medicine. I never got a chance to attend any seminars or programs related to this. But I have seen many surgeries among my family members. The feeling when someone is going through an operation or any treatment. I'm quite familiar with this hospital and how it is and even about this course.

Gaining more knowledge and more experience from this course I want to enhance my brain power still more. And more than anything if I could serve people, which the main motive of this course, I want to create ties between the countries. Event though it may be as easy as I speak about this, I want give my best and be a better person for people.

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