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Jul 5, 2021   #1
After spending 18 years of my life in poverty, I realized that how much important is the money to protect myself, to build myself, and give my family a better life, and to give back to my community. After graduating from high school and analyzing the facts I've decided to choose Business and Administration as my major and I am quite sure it would greatly benefit me in the future.

I must tell you, my keen interest towards business is as the result of my involvement in helping my father in farming. I am proud of myself belonging to a contended agricultural family and I have been my father's right hand for 12 years or even more, from working in the fields to selling goods in market i've learned very much about the basics of administration and farming but unfortunately the markets have always been a poisonous snake draining the hard earned money out of the hands of small scale innocent farmers like my father, so, my family has suffered a lot through the years and we have been living hard from hand to mouth Just because of exploitation of small scale farmers at the hands of mafias in local markets.

Meanwhile all this I've keenly observed the flaws in our markets and I want to address them to help the farmers who are the backbone of our society including my father. I want to revolutionized the basics of rules and laws of administration and business in our markets and educate the farmers of my society about their rights. Reading and knowing about the success stories business tycoons and prosperous farmers I've reached the conclusion that this is possible only through getting the latest comprehensive knowledge about the basics of cores of business and administration. That's why i want to opt for the business and admin.

I choose Korea as my dream destination because nowadays, Korea emphasizes the education, the competition is very high and there are many prestigious top rated universities of world. A prominent academic fields, whether Arts, Science and Business related courses. Employment opportunities range from international investors all over the world . Also I think this is great opportunity. As I'm always striving to get the best out of myself. The universities of South Korean offers the opportunity to take courses which give me insight in Business in Korea and Korean Economy. Being enthusiastic about Korean education system and its good reputation it is also safe country for girls with welcoming environment. In addition attending the university in south Korea will be an advantage for me to learn the richness of Korean culture and distinctive blend of traditions that make it vibrant country. I hope to get thorough knowledge and skills which is highly needed in Pakistan that the Economy steps forward as it is now. I therefore decided to apply for Gks program to utilize the opportunity of studying from one of the World's leading Economy, technological giant citadel of great learning to develop my Business

My family is consist of 9 members. My father is a farmer and my mother is housewife, I live in a small village of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. Recently i have done my intermediate from a college in Islamabad.I completed my primary school education from a local school in my home town. I was very quite active and brilliant in my studies and extracurricular activities alike and topped the exams and sporting events. Also being the head girl of my school my teachers were very impressed with me. I wanted to continue my studies but due to lack of college in my area my studying career almost came to an end as my family was too hand to mouth to pay the finances for my higher education. Thanks be to my teachers who insisted my father to send me to the city for sake of my utmost will to excel in my life. I shifted to the city and got myself enrolled in a government college. Initially, I had to stay in a private hostel but it was costly and its environment was too chaotic for me to focus on my studies. At that time one of my aunts lived near my college so she accommodated me inside her home but, unfortunately, days before the annual exams of my first year F.Sc my aunt died of a sudden cardiac arrest and this traumatic event left us devaastated. We had to travel for days to get back to my hometown to bury my aunt. Meanwhile all this i was unable to focus on my studies and I couldn't perform well in my exams. My marks were not upto my expectations. My friends and family encouraged me to study harder in 2nd year fsc to compensate for the loss in first year. I've always been a believer of my abilities so i worked hard through the days and nights with all my sweat and blood i could burn to make it through my 2nd year with flying colors but due to worldwide covid 19 pandemic my exams got cancelled and govt decided to award me my second year marks based on my first year grades. This was painful and i couldn't even bear the disappointment. I applied for admission to many government and private universities and only got an admission letter from a pvt universities. Unfortunately, the course was costly and i couldn't even pay the admission fee due to continuously deteriorating financial status of my family. As a result i couldn't make any academic progress during year 2020.

Amidst all these setbacks my friends encouraged me to engage in environmental and social welfare activities aimed at conservation of wildlife and community development. I participated in national plantation drive commonly known as "Green Pakistan Initiative". I planted almost 3000 plants with my very own hands and also donated as many plants to the communities. As an active member of my team, I distributed warm clothes and free meals at shelter homes in various cities of Pakistan. I visited slums in outskirts of Islamabad and spent time with long forgotten homeless poor kids living in dismay under the poverty line on occasion of Eids. Sharing smiles with the poor kids was the most satisfying and happiest moment of my life. That day i decided to do something extraordinary not for me but for my community, for those poor children, for the world as a whole. As time passed by nature blessed me with strong resolution powers and firm belief in my abilities. I came across campaigns about studying opportunities in south Korea on scholarships. The scholarships sounded extremely reasonable and here I am learning about Korean language.

A significant experience in my school is to be selected as Head Girl of School because of my habits are friendly, speaking skills, good communication skills, have leadership skills, to guide and convince friends to do right things. From getting opportunity to serve as head girl of school, I also participated in school activities such as debates and school dramas. I have developed my confidence and speech during these activities and also worked with my school council and conducted many events and host many events of school. I also organized many school events. My responsibility includes attending meetings with principal and staffs among others. The experience instilled essential characteristics in me such as leadership skills and communication skills and I believe it would be strong point for me as an aspiring Business expert.

In 2016 I participated in Youth Talent Exhibition organized by Community Educational Development Foundation (CEDeF) Regd Gilgit, In this Exhibition all the schools of district participated and our school is also one of them and i got 3rd position in English creative W

riting amongst all the schools.