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Global Perspective Semester At Sea Essay

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Feb 21, 2014   #1
How will your Semester at Sea voyage create (or enhance) your personal global perspective?
Highlight your discussion by referencing at least one country on your itinerary and by explaining how your time there will further develop your awareness.

My father struck me with awe whenever he shared the tales of his travels around the globe. When most people worried about pimples and prom, he had traversed the distant lands of Europe, South America, and Asia--worlds away from his home of Barcelona. Now, a man loved and respected for his heartfelt communication, tolerance, and air of enthusiasm--he credits a majority of his development to the contrasting cultural immersion of his travels. In my eyes his stories stand as a testament to the importance of travel that creates an understanding of oneself and the development into a well-rounded citizen in the emerging global economy.

I froth with excitement when I imagine being at sea with those whom are like-minded. Every person on the voyage would be an epic tale waiting to be shared; a whole new world I have yet to explore. They're stories offer the rare gem of actual experience of life immersed within another culture. The cruise would be a crash course in world culture--an informal United Nations set before me to discover.

Beyond the people, I'm driven to see first-hand the natives of different lands, especially Cuba. Knowledge from textbooks and media outlets are good for satisfying the normal fast-food mind, but I hunger to devour the layers of life which exist beneath: authentic food, music tethered to their strong heritage from Spain, and daily local life. Living in the United States and especially Miami, I have witnessed animosity between both countries and understand that political climates affect the temperature of media outlets, therefor driving me to formulate my own opinions based on experience rather than hearsay. I've lied in bed many nights imagining the electrifying atmosphere of a fiesta, goose bumps while walking through Ernest Hemingway's home, and evening strolls around the Malecon and Havana Vieja. In my dreams I've rehearsed conversations with natives about their country's current situation and hopes for the future.

Once I heard of Semester At Sea, I knew my dreams had finally presented themselves as an opportunity. This is the place where fulfilling my goal of becoming a global citizen can confidently be achieved. I'll increase my respect and awareness of other people's cultures and realities through firsthand perspectives of each countries atmosphere, the opportunities to interact with the people, and an understanding of life--the life that exists beyond my current world.

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Mar 2, 2014   #2
Below are some grammatical errors you've committed. Hope those are helpful:)

They're stories offer the rare gem


I have witnessed animosity between both countries and understand that political climates


therefore driving

each countries atmosphere

each country's atmosphere

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