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A goal-driven person - academic objectives and indicate how these are appropriate to your goals.

Aksh2005 1 / -  
Dec 30, 2022   #1

academic objectives essay

I'm not just a student willing to work hard and achieve, I'm more of a goal-driven person. I've always outperformed and worked hard to be at the top of my field, be it studies or sports or a simple sketch. These qualities will help me reach my long-range goal of making an eco-friendly world of design and architecture. Initiatives such as SEA and especially AVSSU caught my eye and that's the kind of atmosphere I'm looking for. I'm certain that a Bachelor's degree from the University will help me reach my greatest potential and do something renowned.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,830 4781  
Dec 30, 2022   #2
Is this a word or character limited statement? The reason I ask is because the overall statement lacks proper and related content development. It is an empty essay that only repeated the instructions for the most part, then lost direction later on. The response is unacceptable since it does not really provide a detailed explanation of the connected topics as indicated in the prompt. The applicant fails to show any true relationship between his goals and academic objectives. It is almost as if the candidate is not familiar with his target academic program in relation to his academic goals. The response needs to be improved in terms of content. Try to reflect a more insightful response as opposed to this empty and general reference statement.
hanablaaaa 3 / 6 1  
Dec 30, 2022   #3
The educator expects to see in your answer:" academic objectives". But in your first sentence, you do not mention it directly. Going short and straightforward helps the educator understand your ambition, not the empty words. What is your field in your mentioned second sentence, please specify. How do you make the world better through design and agriculture? Show your desire, and intention afterward, not just for having this degree.

Home / Undergraduate / A goal-driven person - academic objectives and indicate how these are appropriate to your goals.
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