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Government oppression - why you decided to apply to the department/area of Sejong University.

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Nov 11, 2022   #1
I really appreciate your feedback!


Coming from a country plagued with the oppression of press freedom, I wish to take part in the rebuilding of Burma in the communication sector. Starting around February last year, specifically after a coup in Myanmar, the military destroyed a ten-year-old transformation to democracy and an emerging free press by harassing, threatening, and intimidating journalists, resulting in the current dire state. The objectives of the military are to legitimize the coup and block the flow of news among people in Myanmar. We, the people in Myanmar, encounter human rights violations by cutting the internet and blocking social media sites, which is one of the mediums most people use. Moreover, the military attempts to control the press by forcing them to portray a level of approval and rooting for the military which deviates far from reality. They only show us what they want us to see. It has led to a social media "bubble effect", which covers the death of children in Kayah State, and the unspoken tragedy and hardships of our ethnic refugees. This motive has driven me to pursue a degree in media and communication to contribute to fighting against unlawful suppression of the press in Myanmar.

Months of research finally led me to Media and Communication at Sejong University. With its interdisciplinary programs and high range of practical skills training, I believe that I definitely acquire high-quality research and experiences. Sejong University offers smart media courses which are rare and shallowed in my country. Digital Journalism will teach me how multi-media journalists work in the era of controversy and how to distinguish reliable sources among them. The Communication Research Methodology course will guide me on how to manage a research project through design and analysis. Moreover, Sejong University is one of the international-friendly communities in South Korea which will enable me to develop global connections and perspectives.

Sejong University is one of the very few places in the entire world to offer an advanced research program where I could learn by helping teachers and students alike. My beloved country is corrupted by oppression, abuse, and a lack of freedom of speech. Sejong University is the best place for me to begin my work as a journalist. Just as Sejong University will give me rich experiences, I'm confident that I too, can contribute to the community through my work.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,447 4693  
Nov 11, 2022   #2
The information provided does not reflect that of a person who is truly decided on a career in Digital Journalism. The writer makes a very general explanation regarding the status of journalism in the country, but fails to qualify himself as an active citizen journalist who would benefit from formal classes at the university. The decision to choose this career is not supported by the facts of the essay. In fact, the essay feels like the student just decided to opt for this course based on a lack of choices. There is nothing that will convince the reviewer that this is a student who is actually fighting for the right of people to gain proper news, as it happens, from reliable citizen sources.

Months of research is something that occurs after a regular series of probing for university courses and choices, all based upon the alignment consideration of the student's academic goals in relation to his desired professional outcome. This student would be immediately disqualified from consideration due to lack of proper information presentation.

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