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Graphic Design as an extracurricular activity - ALA essay.

StevenSameh1512 8 / 21  
Jan 6, 2019   #1
Please describe the activity in which you participate that is most meaningful or important to you. Why is this activity so important to you? (200 word max)

The design is extremely significant for me

"Nothing comes from the space", flashing card this quote was the first step in the design universe. Visualizing the picturesque nature in my mind and witnessing people minimizing this wholly nature in small portrait excited my curious to be like them. I worked on two of Adobe programs, the photoshop and the illustrator. The design is extremely significant for me because of the spare time that I didn't know how to make it useful and the benefits I will gain in the future.

August 30, 2018, I saw the Facebook post about the upcoming world cup in football. Here was the opportunity to participate in real competition with professional competitors. The logo - they wanted - must be unprecedented noticed, so I spend almost two weeks to illustrate one, and one week enhancing it. I don't know whereas it was serendipitously or not, but I got a good ranking in the first 1000 winners, it was wonderful honor for me to be in this position.

Last but not least, I am a self-employer on internet sites like freelancer and Upwork. These sites are a source of income for me, but the objective wasn't that; it's related to make something I love.

Holt - / 7,532 2001  
Jan 7, 2019   #2
You have not understood the prompt requirement. The essay is not asking you for several activities nor a competition that you have participated in. It is asking you for an activity that highlights a character or personality of yours. Your activity needs to be a singular activity that has created an impression upon you. This is usually a community service related activity. Sometimes, it is also represented by a particular hobby that you excel at which has brought honor to you. The problem, is that this activity that you chose is not impressive enough because you did not win.

Only winning activities in a real competition can show an actual importance and impress the reviewer. You were only mentioned as a participant. There is a big difference between the two. This was not even an actual competition of note. It was only an FB participatory activity. Therefore, it is not impressive because the others who would use a similar topic would be using actual competitions where they placed in a real winners circle. You did not win this competition because it was not an actual competition.

Frankly, I would rather you use the fact that you work as at Freelancer and UpWork. That shows a more interesting aspect of your personality and depicts a drive to succeed. That would be a more impressive use of your Adobe software talent than the participatory program in FB.

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