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Hamilton, the drop of water; Hamilton supp/ Why Hamilton?

teddyliu 1 / 2  
Dec 25, 2012   #1
This is the "why hamilton" essay in hamilton college's supplement.I'm a Chinese student so it's likely that I make some awkward mistakes and misuses in my essay.

Thank you guys for taking a look!

"A drop of water has the spectrum of sunshine
Past and future tenses of snowflakes
A thirsty continental shelf
And the human-beings' life

When holding a drop of water,
I'm holding an indispensable world.
Any tiny incident-like a stagger,
Can make me lose them all."

Reading the original Chinese version of this poem, I instantly pictured that this drop of water is like Hamilton-not huge, but reflecting things that challenge one's wildest imagination and make differences to the world.

In high school, I discovered myself in science and literature: without a school lab available, my chemistry society set up our "lab" in an old flat, to do research on problems such as converting deserted straws into paper; intrigued by the people and events around, I started a novel that records my own growth and a social background. My academic interests bring me to Hamilton, where writing programs and natural sciences like chemistry, biology are excellently balanced. Hamilton owns the personalized academic experiences through liberal arts, while offering wide study and research fields that are rarely found at small colleges. The strongly emphasized the creative writing program takes me to wander with William Wordsworth like a lonely cloud, or learn from Garcia Marquez how to give my novel magic. On a study away trip, I may seek for inspiration from literary roots in Latin America and Europe.

I'll enjoy small classes and seminars involving intense interaction and the sophomore program in which I bring my passion to the community: whole class can bring out environmental problems of our hometowns and discuss solutions using knowledge from natural sciences to government policies-we won't simply be arm-chair critics, but take actions for sustainability and present our results, contributing to a larger world.

I also look forward beyond the intense academics, to the tranquility and hospitability of beautiful Hamilton campus, beautiful Clinton-a place where I can rest my mind, enjoy the moment for serenity and then keep on.
anally 1 / 15  
Dec 27, 2012   #2
I think it's a very original idea to enclose a poem in your Y essay.
But I don't know if the translated version is conveying the original 意境.
Actually i think even if you lose the poem, I can still picture a drop of water, so I think the poem is a little wastful. But it is an eye catcher... So...

Good Luck with your application!!!
rainneil 2 / 3 1  
Dec 31, 2012   #3
"The strongly emphasized the creative writing program"
I'm a Chinese, and I'm also applying to Hamilton.
Please help me with my essay.

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