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For a happier tomorrow - The American University in Cairo essay

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Mar 30, 2021   #1
my prompt was

how can you benefit from an education at AUC

(my main concerns are am I being too personal and did I actually answer the prompt?)

Living in today's world is like existing in a rat race where everyone is competing with one another to be the best, this as a result can put immense pressure on one's mental health. Mental illnesses do not target one specific demographic. It can affect adults struggling with maintaining their work-life balance or adolescents fighting the unrealistic beauty standards enforced on them. I personally did go through my own mental hurdles and existing in a society that does not recognize the importance of mental wellbeing did not help. After recovering I took an oath to learn further about the subject of psychology. I studied psychology independently although it was not part of my academic curriculum and now that high school is over, I believe my interest in psychology is greater than just reading about the subject in my free time.

The American University in Cairo is home to a 100-year-old psychology department with the region`s top professors instructing the different courses with professor Mona Amer being the chair member. Her being a Muslim Arab woman who's voracious and successful in the mental health field makes her an inspiration to many young females like myself and gives me hope that one-day mental health won't be stigmatized and so refused by the Arab community. What attracts me to AUC in particular is the community-based learning requirement for undergraduates as this makes the psychology course a more hands-on-experience rather than just learning the copious theories. Additionally, community-based learning will allow me as a student to be engaged civically giving back to my homeland. Being a graduate of AUC would provide me with the skill set needed to compete in the labour market as well as make me a holder of a reputable degree that I can use to attain higher education.

I grew up in Dubai and I've attended The Westminster School which hosts students and staff from over 90 different countries. This has conditioned me to be able to develop fruitful relationships and broaden my horizon of knowledge about other cultures and traditions. The American University in Cairo is the only educational institution In Egypt that is home to a similar diverse community that I strive to be a part of as I believe that our differences are what really unites us.

Furthermore, AUC is very open to conversation about topics that can often be perceived as "controversial" in Egyptian society. The university provides a safe place for discussion about integral topics that interest many members of society including myself. This is seen in the novel discussion forum the speak-up dialog where alumni and students congregated to discuss societal issues. Public speaking is a passion of mine and if I were to be admitted to AUC being on such a platform would be a goal I aspire to achieve.

Succinctly, as an industrious, zealous student I believe that I am well qualified to undertake AUC's rigorous academic program while still being an active member of the university's society.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,535 3447  
Mar 31, 2021   #2
You described what the university is best known for in relation to Psychology. You have not described how you will personally benefit from being a part of this learning channel. What is the academic goal for you? How does the curriculum lend itself to the specific aspects of psychology that you aspire to learn about, control, and help other people recover from? Why is it important to you? How does the learning scheme at AUC fit into this picture? What is your early career plan? How does the university help you carve out your stepping stone in the world of Psychology? How do you hope to use the courses, internships, and other learning experiences to help you achieve the professional goal? Why is it personally important to you that you achieve the professional goal at AUC? These seem like out of the blue questions but these are actually guide questions that can help you deliver a more personal, academic, and professional response to the question.

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