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'Harappa and Mohenjo Daro' - Colgate - Travel to a destination and why

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Dec 21, 2011   #1
At Colgate we value global awareness and the diverse perspectives of our students. Through travel, students are able to experience different cultures and take advantage of new opportunities that can make our community richer when they return to campus. If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world during your time at Colgate, where would you go, and why? (250 words maximum)

Human civilization rose from humble beginnings to be where it is today and I'm curious to know more about the form of civilization at its birth. So given a chance, I would travel to the cradles of human civilization- to Harappa and Mohenjo Daro in India and Pakistan, to the ancient cities on the banks of the Nile in Egypt, to the ruins of the Sumerian and Mesopotamian civilizations in modern day Iraq, and to the remains of the old Chinese civilization on the banks of the Hwang Ho and the Yangste.

I've studied these civilizations before, but visiting the sites would provide me the unique opportunity to understand more about the human race. We see the end product all around us, . What I want to find out is how this end product evolved to be as it is today. I feel that by studying our roots, I can understand society and contribute to it better.

The essay is a work in progress so please let me know what you think about the basic idea and structure... Any feedback is appreciated
Dec 21, 2011   #2
Harappa and Mohenjo Daro both are in Pakistan.Roman empires should also integral part of this essay,so also add them.
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Dec 28, 2011   #3
oh amazing! I wish I worte about those two. Yes Harappa and Mohenjadardo are both in Pakistan. Glad to know your intrested in Pakistan. It is a wonderful place with friendly people. You should really visit it

Essay is good, brief and nice.

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