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I am a hard working person and never take rest until my work is done

AmyH 1 / 1  
Nov 23, 2012   #1
I am having a hard time in starting my Personal Statement

I am a business administration's undergraduate student. I am applying for a foreign program and I need to answer these questions and I am totally blank at this stage

o Your goals in terms of your field of study and personal development, and
o The reasons why you wish to pursue them in the U.S.A. and type of program you hope to pursue and how it relates to your interests and future objectives.

I want some tips, starters of sentences so that my mind will start working..

About me, The ultimate goal is to achieve something big in life; which has fascinated me since childhood. I am a hard working person and never take rest until my work is done. I am dedicated towards studies and a scholarship holder too. I am a simple girl living with high hopes and big dreams. I want to pursue my career in U.S, because I love that country for so many reasons. Related to my field, I would love to see how people from different backgrounds and races lives and work together.

Can you provide some other valid reasons that why would someone likely to pursue their career in U.S? How would I go with personal development? I would be going for MBA after graduation but how to pen them down in a smart way?

P.S My text is looking very perplexed. Isn't it? Please help :(
MariettaA 2 / 12  
Nov 23, 2012   #2
Do you live in the U.S. And if so what type of essay or statement is this for? I just need a little bit more information to help!
OP AmyH 1 / 1  
Nov 23, 2012   #3
No! I am here in Pakistan and applying for a program sponsored by an organization of U.S.
I wanna pursue my career in America and it is a personal statement I need to provide with my application form, which will actually clear them that who's behind the application. Those are the questions I am blank at and need some smart assistance to go with them.

Does it make sense now?
kmorancy0314 - / 1 1  
Nov 23, 2012   #4
Get realllly specific, what exactly do you hope to accomplish?

I would say that studing in the U.S would aid me in reaching my full potential.

Start with a personal anectdote from your childhood that connects to your goals and interest

Just some ideas:)
MariettaA 2 / 12  
Nov 24, 2012   #5
Right, I like this advice, try not to over think the questions. No ones know you better than you! So let them know your for who you are.

I live in the U.S and was born here, the education system is intriguing because we have the opportunity to acquire a free education or reach our maximum potential with the variety of equipment/technology used in the classroom to aid learning and make it that much exciting to learn. Well thats how i feel.

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