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'I hate trade-offs': why Barnard?

mgirl 1 / -  
Oct 21, 2014   #1
First and foremost, I would require more than 250 words.

One of the major reasons I was first attracted to Barnard was because I hate trade-offs; and with Barnard, I'm getting everything I need, and more. My varied interests in Economics, English and so many other subjects requires that I take a course such as the Nine Ways of Knowing which will cater to my every interest.

Barnard offers me the best of both worlds- the student body and faculty attention of a small college and the resources of a large university.

I want to be exhausted at the end of the day, but also happy because of the warmth and encouragement I receive. Exciting Barnard traditions like Midnight Breakfast, its rigorous curriculum and being surrounded by women like me from all over the world and a 64% female faculty will ensure that I am in an environment that is nurturing, driving and empowering.

President Spar said that the ideal Barnard woman "speaks her mind"- a phrase that each of my teachers repeat to my parents in variations.

I want gender equality- in the office and at home- and Barnard will provide me with not just the education, but also the perspective and strength to do so.

And lastly, I love being me- cracking jokes that people don't understand most of the time, and standing up unabashedly for what my passions and beliefs. I would love the opportunity to be me in Barnard College.

estherh 2 / 5  
Oct 21, 2014   #2
I like your essay! However, the beginning "first and foremost, I would require more than 250 words," sounds a bit strange and disconnected from the rest of the essay. You could try to re-word it to convey that you could write so much more about Barnard than is allowed.

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