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'headmistress in modern China / Power of Knowledge' - Smith College Supplement

zouztingt 6 / 23  
Oct 16, 2009   #1
I'm thinking about applying for Smith College under ED plan, and this is the supplement.
Thank you~

1 How did you learn about smith and why apply<100

I first fell in love with Smith at the age of ten, after reading the biography of Xide Xie, a Smith undergraduate who later became the first college headmistress in modern China. I decided to follow my role model's footsteps making myself a woman pioneer in Smith. I'm a young woman looking for the best in American psychology education, and Smith is just the place for me. With inspiring faculties, exceptional research programs, and most importantly the focus on female students, Smith is my DreamWorks.

2 When Smith was founded in 1871, there were few opportunities for woman education. Is women education still relevant now in 2009?<150

One hundred an forty years after Smith was founded; women education is still relevant today. In industrious world, women are subject to gentle inequality, domestic violence and traditional discrimination. Knowledge is power. With higher level of education, women will gain the strength to break the old stereotypes and obtain equal rights in this male-dominated world. In the vast developing world like South Asian and Africa, women education is in desperate need. Destitute families continue to deprive their daughters' schoolings, creating a staggering gender gap and starting a noxious cycle as uneducated mothers are like to take away their girls' opportunities likewise. Offering an illiterate woman an education will allow her to reduce family poverty, reject adverse cultural practices (such as female genital mutilation), avoid HIV infection, nurture her children wisely, and eventually give her children a proper education to start a virtuous circle.

Criticism is welcomed!!!
ayida365 7 / 33  
Oct 16, 2009   #2
In your first answer, you just said that you love Smith College, but you did not show why or how. I know there is a word limit so you can not say much things, but explaining why Smith fits for you is better than just expressing your love without any proof or reason.
qyuiosilent 4 / 22  
Oct 16, 2009   #3
Hi zouztingt,

Sorry to say but I think your second answer seemed like a response to this question "When Smith was founded in 1871, there were few opportunities for woman education. Is women still deprived of education in 2009?" instead.

You may try to answer why women, particularly in developing countries (since you mentioned a few of them), should be given a chance to study. You can also consider what important roles women play in the society now that was as a result of their education.
OP zouztingt 6 / 23  
Oct 16, 2009   #4
Oh my god, I completely misunderstand the prompt. Thank you qyuiosilent. It seems I still have a lot of work to do.
OP zouztingt 6 / 23  
Oct 27, 2009   #5
Can someone give me any advice???
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Oct 30, 2009   #6
Great! Tell about what kind of psychology you want to specialize in! It will make you more distinguished and show your intelligence. Maybe this one en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Existential_therapy ??

I am excited for you.

One hundred and forty years after Smith was founded, women's education is still an important issue. In the world of industry, women are subject to gender inequality, domestic...

You make a lot of good points!! Educating women is going to cause them to have children later in life and reduce the overpopulation problem, too. Women need to take their rightful places in the leadership of society, so that the world can find balance.

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