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I cannot help but see a bright impact;Why Upenn?What College of Arts&Science have for you

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Nov 28, 2013   #1
Why University of Pennsylvania? When I started my college search, I knew it would not be an easy task finding the right college. Limited by my inability to visit college campuses, I turned to the internet as my main source of information. Upenn stood out for me.

As if getting the opportunity to be taught by eminent professors who have received Pulitzer prizes and Nobel Prizes among other honors were not enough, I would get to partake in Penn's incredible curriculum: both general education and specialized education. I intend to major in Psychology, but it'll be great to try out other courses such as philosophy or theatre through Penn's interdisciplinary study program. I would love to further my French speaking prowess and the language study program offered at Penn would give me this opportunity. It's my dream to travel round the world, experience new cultures and see new things. Upenn's study abroad program would give me the chance to study in an entirely different environment and experience different cultures. This would complement the practical outside classroom application of knowledge that Penn offers.

The academically based community service SAA offers is an amazing chance to use knowledge acquired to help the community. Not only would I be helping people, but I'll also be improving my problem solving skills. Research is such a worthwhile endeavor. It enables you to come out with information no one has ever discovered. The world is as advanced as it is because of research. Taking part in research of any kind at the 'Urban Research University' is a dream I hope would come true one day.

I'd feel right at home in the diverse community of Upenn. I'd get to meet new people every day from different corners of the world, forging lifelong friendships. The fact that the large size of this community does not affect the intense learning experience usually ascribed to smaller colleges is dumbfounding. It's practically enjoying the benefits of both a small university and a large one. I'd love to experience stand-up comedy and spoken word when such programs are organized by the school. I'd also get to audition for department productions to display my acting skills. All these in the city of brotherly love where I'd fine delicious cuisine that fits my meagre budget.

I believe college should be an educative, fun, eye opening and potential exposing experience. I know I'd get all this at upenn. With Philadelphia as my extended classroom, and all the opportunities offered at Penn, I cannot help but see a bright impact making future for myself.

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Nov 28, 2013   #2
I like this essay, its answers that question and more important you explain what you would get from the school and how it'll benefit you in the long run. its also great that its short and to the point. I mean they expect you to take this time to praise their school and why you need to be there but this doesn't do that. good luck on your admissions process.

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